Best Watch for Skiing in 2020: Getting Valuable Information on Your Wrist!

best watch for skiing

Every opportunity to transform your outdoor experience is worth the investment. Skiing in the winter season is a way of spending quality time on slopes and also participating in a favorite sport to many. Being able to tell not only the time but also the altitude, direction, speed, and the exact location is one of the things that keep one in touch. You do not want to feel lost in the middle of the woodland. Or better yet, knowing the temperature changes, your heartbeat rate, the total descent and number of the run using one gadget make everything awesome. The simple and portable device that can do all this for you is the best watch for skiing.

Innovative technology has made it possible to integrate essential features in a watch for a safe and pleasant skiing experience. Some advanced timepieces can check your oxygen saturation level, which comes in handy when you are skiing in high altitude. Thus, guaranteeing safety, even as you have fun on the slopes.

Note that any watch cannot work when skiing due to the harsh conditions out there and the possibility of getting in contact with water. You, therefore, need to buy one that is tailored for skiing. It should be waterproof, durable, sturdy and can work in freezing weather. To get a better experience, you should also ensure the watch has GPS, biometric sensors and compass.

Selection from the countless options in the market might take a toll on you, and we have done the research and presented only the best six. Use the buyer’s guide provided and pick one from the listed. But before then read through for all the information you need for informed decision making.

Summary of the Top-Rated Watch for Skiing

Ski WatchFeaturesCheck Latest Price
SUUNTO Military Men’s Watch for Skiing  Accurate altimeter, Tracks sun and the weather, Storm alarm and weather trend graph, Compass and barometer indicators & Measure depths up to 30 feetCheck Now!
Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Ski watch   GLONASS and GPS compatibility, Colored topo pre-loaded US maps, Rugged design, In-built heart rate sensors, In-built activity profiles & Smart notificationsCheck Now!
Garmin Instinct   In-built GPS system, 10ATM water rating, Shock and thermal resistance, Monitor stress, activity and heart rate, Smart notifications, Automatic data uploads & In-built 3-axis compassCheck Now!
Casio Men’s Pathfinder Solar Powered Watch Solar-powered, In-built digital compass, Low-temperature resistance, The long battery life of up to six months, Stainless steel durable construction, Stylish resin band, Water-resistant for up to 100m deep, In-built thermometer & altimeter and barometerCheck Now!
Apple Watch Series 3  Smartwatch   Waterproof, In-built compass and altimeter, Aluminum chassis construction with ion-X glass, Siri capable and intuitive controls, Has speaker, Bluetooth and microphone, Activity tracker and heart monitor & Has gyroscope and accelerometerCheck Now!
Armitron Sport Digital Watch Quartz movement 100-meter water resistance The case diameter of 46 millimeter Chronograph with alarm and lap time Dual time zones Backlight Military time displayCheck Now!

Detailed Review of the Best Watches for Skiing

The watch is an essential device, like any other gear needed for skiing. Choosing one should not be done in a hurry to avoid making a decision that can lead to regrets later. No one really wants to keep shopping for a new one every now and then and thus getting a durable device is our desire. Note that as the features increase the cost may also raise, but every addition gives value for money. You need to focus first on the elements, and everything else will fall in place. Check each of the products listed above in detail and choose one that matches your needs and style.

01- SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Watch for Skiing

best watch for skiing

SUUNTO watches are known for their stylish look with great features that make the investment t worth. You will be warned of upcoming bad weather through the storm alarm. With the watch, you can even predict the weather changers using an in-built barometer. The altimeter indicates your descent, ascent, and elevation while being able to record all sessions as you enjoy time on the slopes.

Planning activities with guarantees safety is assured through the weather trend maps with preset sunrise/sunset for about 400 places. In fact, the compass on the watch makes navigation easy as you ski even on little known mountains. No worry about the freezing weather as SUUNTO core watch can operate well in extreme temperature of even -20°C. Apart from using the watch for skiing; it is perfect for mountaineering and snowboarding. Get one and have a reliable companion anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Accurate altimeter that shows current elevation, descent or ascent and records the skiing session
  • Barometer indicator that predicts weather changes
  • Intelligent storm alarm that detects changes in air pressure and sends notification of approaching storms
  • Compass indicator for the direction
  • Preset sunset/sunrise times for easy planning and safety


  • Brand: SUUNTO
  • Model: SS014279010
  • Weight: 2.26 ounces

02- Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Ski watch

best watch for skiing

Gramin Fenix 5X makes the ultimate training watch companion keeps you safe and updated while on the go. The clock is compatible with GLONASS and GPS, which makes navigation quite easy. This is further enhanced by gyroscope and compass that make stress-free to ski and go back safely down the slopes. Other navigation features that enhance skiing experience include the pre-loaded colored Topo US maps.

The watch won’t break easily due to its sturdy construction featuring stainless steel rear case, button, and even the bezel. Smart notifications keep you in touch as you enjoy time on slopes. The bands can be quickly fixed without any tools required to fit your style and activity of the day. The other features, such as in-built activity profiles, heart rate technology, training status reading, and performance metrics, show the effectiveness of all your workouts. Get one and monitor your activities on the slopes while staying connected.

Key Features

  • GLONASS AND GPS compatibility for tracking more challenging environments
  • Colored Topo preloaded US mapping for easy navigation
  • Stainless steel bezel rear case for rugged construction that can withstand rigorous activity such as skiing
  • In-built barometer to predict weather changes
  • Altimeter that works to show descent, ascent, and elevation
  • Gyroscope and compass for easy navigation
  • Smart notifications to stay in touch


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01733-00
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

03- Garmin Instinct

best watch for skiing

There is no preferred way to monitor your skiing activities than using Garmin instinct watch. The rugged construction that matches US military standard ensures you enjoy skiing without the worry of damaging the device. Not only does it have the GPS but also the Galileo and GLONASS for better navigation in a challenging environment. The barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass further make tracking on slopes stress-free.

There are various preloaded training activity profiles that make training easy. Further, you are able to ski while monitoring your heart rate, stress and activity all in one watch. Smart notifications that come in ensure that you are connected whenever and wherever. Just get a compatible smartphone and further uploads data automatically using Garmin Instinct. When lost on slopes, you only need to switch to the TracBack feature and go back safely to the starting point. Order one today and enjoy up to 14 days of battery life on smartwatch mode.

Key Features

  • US military standard construction with the ability to resist shock, thermal and water damage
  • Barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass for easy navigation
  • GLONASS and Galileo compatibility for keeping track in a challenging environment
  • Smart notifications to stay in touch even on slopes
  • Automatic data upload to Garmin online apps
  • TracBack feature for getting back to starting point stress-free
  • The Long battery life of up to 16 hours with all functions on


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-02064-03
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces

04- Casio Men’s Pathfinder Solar Powered Watch

skier watch

This is an excellent watch with incredible features that enhance the skiing experience. With six months of battery life which is recharged by the sunlight, you are assured of its functionality anywhere anytime. The stainless steel casing with a mineral dial window gives you long-lasting services. Navigation is also made easy with triple sensors that include barometer, altimeter and digital compass.

No worry of malfunction in freezing weather since the watch is designed to work well in low temperatures of up to -10°C. There is no doubt that the clock will not get liquid-damage when skiing since it can resist water for up to 100 meters. In fact, you can comfortably swim with it showing how reliable this watch is during skiing. The other features that make Casio Pathfinder include world time zones, EL backlight, five daily alarms, city code display, full auto-calendar, battery power indicator, 12/24-hour format, and a power-saving mode. Get one and buckle the resin band effortlessly while having fun on the slopes.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel durable construction
  • Triple sensors that include barometer/thermometer, digital compass, and altimeter for stress-free navigation
  • Pro Trek sturdy solar power that recharges using UV light and sunlight
  • Auto-LED backlight for easy viewing in low light situations
  • World time displays of 31 zones
  • Water resistance for up to 100 meters deep making it suitable for skiing
  • Buckle closure on resin band makes it easy to put on and off
  • The long battery life of up to six months


  • Brand: Casio
  • Model: PAG240-1CR
  • Weight: 8 ounces

05- Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch

ski watches

Series 3 is the latest model of apple watch that can be used for skiing due to its waterproofness. In addition, the aluminum chassis construction with ion-X glass makes it sturdy and durable. The in-built altimeter, gyroscope, and compass make it easy for you to navigate through the slope without any challenge. Accelerometer checks on your speed so that you can work to achieve personal best.

The Bluetooth ensures that one is able to share data wirelessly within a given distance. You are also able to monitor your heart rate and track activities all in one single device. Siri capability and intuitive controls make the watch secure and quick to operate. The speakers and microphones further enhance its functionality. Get one keep in touch as you enjoy winter sports.

Key Features

  • Waterproof to ensure liquid-damage-free while skiing
  • Rugged construction with aluminum chassis case and ion-X glass for durability
  • An accelerometer that monitors your speed as you ski
  • Gyroscope, altimeter, and compass for stress-free navigation
  • Bluetooth enable for sharing data easy with other devices
  • Ski capability and intuitive controls for stress-free operations


  • Brand: Amazon Renewed
  • Model: Apple Watch Series 3 42mm
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

06- Armitron Sport Digital Watch

skiing watches

This watch is designed with simplicity with severe resin case for durability. Compared to other brands, the Armitron watch is affordable and is rated high in terms of ability to withstand shock. It can resist water for up to 100 meters deep making it suitable for skiing. Chronograph features make it easy to take time recordings with precision. The dual time zones give much versatility with accurate frequencies due to quartz movement. Buy one and enjoy time on the slope without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • 100-meter water-resistance making it suitable for skiing
  • Stylish quartz movement for accurate frequencies
  • The case diameter of 46 millimeter
  • Chronograph with alarm and lap time for precise time recordings
  • Dual time zones making it versatile
  • Backlight to enable clear viewing in dim situations


  • Brand: Armitron Sport
  • Model: 40/8284BLK

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Watch For Skiing – Buyer’s Guide

In order to get the best watch for skiing in the market, it is essential to consider some key features. This enables you to get a watch that works best and suits your style and needs. The primary functions include:


The GPS features are essential to watch for skiing since it calculates distance and speed, sets your position and analyze information recorded. Many ski watches are GPS enabled and allow skiers to plan their routes beforehand. Those that have preloaded topographic maps allow you to check on the terrain before going up the slopes. For starters, GPS enables one to meet up with friends at a pre-determined location.

In case you are lost on the slopes, GPS helps you trackback safely to the starting point.  You cannot, therefore, afford to have one without GPS. For more accurate information, also consider those watches that have other navigation features such as GLONASS.

Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass ( ABC)

These are the special sensors that make watches work well on the slopes. The barometer senses air pressure changes, given that it decreases as you go up. It reaches a level where there is low oxygen saturation; thus, one might need an air mask before having fun there to avoid breathing problems. Current and changes in altitude are indicated by altimeter that helps you adjust accordingly while skiing. The data is more accurate compared to those captured through GPS, but a combination of the two features enhances the functionality of the device.

You cannot miss both GPS ns a compass in a skiing watch. The compass shows you the direction enabling one to go back on track when lost. For more precise bearing, most watches use a 3-axis compass that gives accurate information regardless of the situation.


Even if the watch is not totally waterproof, it should have some level of liquid-resistance. When the snow melts, it can damage your watch if you have one that is not resistant to water. Most skiing watches have a rating of 30-100 meters deep. This range is good as even the one rated 30 can protect your device against water damage when skiing. Nonetheless, if worn over a ski jacket, it might get in contact with more liquid, and thus one with a high rating is recommended.


Slopes present harsh conditions that you should ensure your watch can withstand. Note that tumbling and falling are inevitable when skiing or snowboarding and you don’t want a watch that will break at the slightest impact. The ski watches should be shock-resistant to allow you to focus on the skiing and not overtime worried about your wrist device.

The materials used to determine its durability and when given options always go for stainless steel. Nevertheless, the fabric might add to the cost, and some find it a little bulky. Resin is a good substitute since it is lightweight while being able to withstand the harsh environment while out skiing. Pay attention to the display glass since breaking may render the work functionless. Mineral and sapphire glasses are the best options, though it may be a bit costly.

Temperature resistance level

Low temperatures may affect the functionality of ordinary watches. You should buy one designed for skiing as they can work well in freezing weather without getting damaged. Some can even work in temperatures as low as -20°C without any issue. The ones rated for freezing temperatures are the best, especially if you are not able to predict the situations on the slopes.


A watch that comes with great features but does not display well the information might be ineffective, especially on the slopes. You should be able to read and interpret well all that is shown on the glass. Even with ski goggles on, the watch should be read without the struggle. Digital displays are the best and the larger the screen, the larger the screen and this translates to ease in readability. Colour displays are always the best though it largely depends on personal preference and the budget on has.

You are likely to encounter low light situations while skiing and watch with backlight comes in handy.  The watch should be easy to read even in direct sunlight and thus should have enough brightness.  Those that have screens that can be switched on a need basis instead of all information crammed on display are the best.

Additional features

There are some other features that enhance the experience with watches for skiing. You would want to consider those with heart rate monitors, preloaded training programs, wireless connection and source of power. Those that have these additional features might come at an increased price, but the experience you get is worth the investment.


Q: Can standard sports watches be used for skiing?

You can use standard watches for skiing as long as they are comfortable and have some level of water-resistance. 

Q: Do ski watch last for long given the harsh environment o slopes and rigorous activities?

If you choose from our list, you can be sure to get durable services. Most ski watches features rugged construction meant to withstand all kind of activities without breaking. They can withstand high impact given the likelihood of tumbles and fall as one ski. However, some are more durable than others, depending on the materials used in construction. Those that are made of stainless steel with sapphire glasses last long. Resin is a good substitute.

Q: Is ski watch necessary?

Yes, it is necessary when you are going out for skiing. The watch gives you valuable information needed to stay safe and makes navigation easy. As long as you choose the best, you will not wish it any other way.

Q: Which kind of watch is suitable for expert skiers?

 The expert skiers go for watches that have standard plus extra features. They are not only concerned about the temperature, altitude and overall weather conditions but also chronograph functions so as to keep track of their activities.

Final Word

Evidently, a ski watch is not just for checking the time, but it also helps one to navigate the slopes while staying safe. Being able to predict changes in altitude and weather prepares you well as you ski up. The alerts for pressure changes and heart rate monitoring also ensure that one is safe by investing in the best watch for skiing available in the market. To get the best experience ever, buy a watch that has GPS, ABS, durable, can operate in low temperature, waterproof and readable.  With all these features you can be sure to get the most out your watch while having lifetime experience on the slopes!

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