7 Tips for Camping with Family | An Expert Guide

Camping is one of the best ways to feel better if you have the perfect company and the ideal location. There is nothing better than sitting around a fire with family, sharing food and memories. Besides, going on a camping trip with kids enhances their emotional intelligence and connects with nature. But what makes it a successful getaway is when you’re well-equipped with the right tent and gear for your family, food, safety, and even entertainment! Don’t know how to start? To help you get an idea of how to pack and what to do, we’re sharing seven tips for camping with the family.

Planning the Camping Trip

Want to know the secret to have the best time on a camping trip? It’s always to plan everything and prepare accordingly as much as possible. This saves you from having to stress over minor things and adds hours to the fun time. 

  • First thing’s first, you must look up family-appropriate camping locations that are safe, featuring a kid-friendly and fun environment for outdoor activities. 
  • Find out the potential danger zones, such as the nearest water bodies, and surf up for wild animals in the immediate camping region.
  • Plan meals ahead so that you can be more care-free and have the best time!
  • Make a list of kitchen supplies and camping equipment that are necessary.
  • Based on your location research, anticipate the common challenges concerning kids.

Pack Simple but Cleverly

One of the best ways to pack smart is to peel big chunks from your soap and then tightly ziplock as many and pop out when you need to wash hands frequently or take a shower. Ziplock bags are the perfect waterproof cases that can carry dry food, your electronics, kid’s toys, rolls of toilet paper, etc. You can’t go wrong with these simple yet clever hacks! Get the camping cots with you .

First-Aid’s First!

You always have to prepare for the craziest camp trip when you’re going with the family. Fill up your first aid kit with well-checked medicines for common ailments, especially for the kids; include a bug repellant and an antiseptic ointment, gauze, and bandages. Maybe your older friends like grandpa or grand mother joins you and have bad back pain. For them or anyone who have back pain must use the correct sleeping mattress.

Meal Prep

Nothing tastes as good as home-cooked food, so you better pre-cook easy-bake lasagna. Remember, it’s crucial to save extra hassle, and on top of that, you don’t know how much water will be available onsite. So it’s best to get done with all the dicing and chopping in your kitchen and packing away in plastic zip locks. Make sure to keep the food chill to retain freshness and taste and for that have the camping cooler with you. For having the meal you have to sit clamly so getting the camping chairs are also vita.

Turn on the Airplane Mode

Your family deserves your undivided attention, so switch on the airplane mode to cut-off from social media and avoid work calls altogether. You’re supposed to pay attention to the natural surroundings, make the most of nature, participate in fun games and activities and be the awesome cousin everyone will keep telling stories about for years later on. 

Pack Extra

You can pack smart all you want, but when it comes to packing layers of clothes, that too for all the members including children and on top of that in preparation for extreme weather, you have to get a roomier handbag. Be it clothes, socks, toys, rope or food, or even batteries, packing extra will only make you more efficient. As you go camping more and more, you’ll know which category of an item needs extra time. If you take your private car with you and want to spend your time in the car, a camping tent for car is a good choice.

Fun time with the Family

If we haven’t already mentioned it, you must plan outdoor and indoor activities. If your camping spot has a park or a swimming pool, let the kids ride their bicycles on the greenery and take a few dives into the water. Ensuring supervision for them, the adults will also have a great time among themselves. If you want to spend time with your partner a good camping mattress should be on your list.

Remember to take board games or UNO in case it’s raining outside your tent. Make the most out of such trips by putting up a positive attitude no matter what the situation is. Most importantly, include the little helpers while setting up the tent or a barbecue to make them feel like a part of the camp.

How to Make the Experience Better

  • Try to add a few special touches. Increase lighting for when it gets dark so that children feel safe to have fun.
  • Bring an extra tent for more room and shelter to allow some of your family members more privacy.
  • Not every trip is the same, so take notes by the end of each experience to make it better the next time. 

Final Words

Camping with family is about togetherness, so there are plenty of scopes and opportunities to participate in activities together and strengthen the bond. Please keep an open mind that everyone will want to contribute, explore nature and be they to feel like no matter where they are, they’re at home with their favorite people in life.

Michael J. Branco
Michael J. Branco
Michael J Branco is the Founder & Chief Editor of Easy Trip Guides. Luckily he can work from anywhere, so he goes back and forth between Texas and New Jersey. When he gets leisure time, he goes off camping in Park City, and when he was in the Florida Keys, you can usually find him on the campground either RVING, backpacking or hunting. Recently hiking has attracted him. He got certified a few years ago and “get wet” as frequently as he can. He shares his traveling experiences with you at Easy Trip Guides and tries to let you know about different types of tips and tricks. “Camping is his Passion.” He is now working as a full-time content writer on our website. Michael covers the following category as an expert; Backpacking, Hiking, Survival Camping, Hunting, RV & Camping

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