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how to clean mountain bike

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Riding a bike in the mountain is enjoyable and thrilling. It is nowadays known as one of the biggest sources of thrill adventure among people. But you must clean your bike regularly after a ride so that your bike parts don’t get spoil. Your bike is really a collection of moving parts. When subjected to dirt, grime, and particles, these parts commence deteriorating. A normal schedule of maintenance (monthly, weekly or even more often based on your type of riding) is essential. If you invest lots of time riding in moist, muddy ailments, or in the event that you ride hard, quickly and often, then it needs to clean more frequently. It is important for you to know after purchasing or planning to get started with the best beginner mountain bike you have to know how to clean mountain bikes.

In order to keep your bike parts appropriately cleaned you have to maintain your bike out and lubrication is vital for good performance. Lubrication protects shifting parts easily, and helps prevent them from “freezing up,”.

Be careful, though. Over-lubricating can result in poor functionality and bike part damage (excessive lubricant will draw in the dirt along with other abrasive allergens). In most cases, excess lube should be cautiously wiped away prior to the bicycle will be ridden.

Regular Bike-Cleaning Materials

You buy a mountain bike then you have to keep it clean. In order to keep a clean mountain bike, you must need all these materials mentioned below. The following simple products help the cleaning procedure easy and simple.

Clean rags

Continue to keep a lot of these readily available for grease, petrol and wax-related tasks and for common cleaning and drying out.

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There are many shapes and sizes to find you in hard-to-reach places to eliminate the dirt that rinsing by itself can’t get. Classic brushes work excellent.

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When utilized with awareness, water could be a handy tool, but be cautious here. Water, particularly when from the high-pressure hose, could cause damage to hypersensitive bearing systems in your bike.

Soap / Basic Cleaner

Make use of diluted bike washing cleaning soap or reformulated cycle rinse cleaner for structure cleaning.

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  • Spray and wipe or rinse


Use a bike-specific degreaser (avoid kerosene or turpentine) that will tidy up gummy elements like your bike chain. Select a solvent that’s easy on the surroundings (and you also). Get rid of all solvents effectively.

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Chain Lubricant

The chain is a vital part of your bike. It is important to correctly lubricate your string helps extend the life span of one’s drive train. Always make use of bicycle-specific lube olive oil to a tidy chain. If it creates any kind of problem you can take apart a bike chain and clean it with lubricants.

You can find two forms of lube: moist or dry. Moist lube is most beneficial to use when you will be riding in damp conditions. It highly adheres towards the drive train and is also less inclined to rinse out off in rainfall. That said, dust and grit may also stay with it, so make sure to wipe off excessive lube.

Dry lube excels in an arid environment. Soil and grit keep less to dry out the lube but dried up lube do rinse out off easily when you are riding in the torrential rain.

Get the best bike lube.

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Bike Stand

This can enable you to position the bicycle at an easy height as long as you’re focusing on it. It will enable you to switch the pedals or take away the wheels in order to clean all of the relocating and hard-to-reach components.

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How to clean your Mountain Bike?

Cleaning your bike after a trip can feel just like a buzz wipe out but it does not have to take permanently. Follow these steps and you’ll complete the job quickly without damaging your bike.

Get your Dirty Bike

Among the reasons people doing more harm than good while cleaning their mountain bike is basically because they clean it too often. Just because there’s a little speckling of filth on the down tube will not mean you will need to bust out the scrub brushes… it is a mountain bike people. If a bike is actually dirty, give it a wash.

how to clean mountain bike chain

Choose a Place to Wash

For many people who own have their own house, cleaning the bike is not complicated: only haul out the hose and get washing. But also for those people who reside in a flat or who are living the nomadic mountain biking dream, getting a hose isn’t often so easy.

Nowadays, lots of the popular purpose-built mountain biking trail techniques have a bike wash stand right at the trailhead: that is perfect! If your preferred trail does not have a wash take a position I suggest proceeding on to your local bike shop. Most stores tend to be more than pleased to let you wash your bike free of charge.

how often should i clean my mountain bike

Find some brushes and rinse

Purchasing a brush set is fairly inexpensive, and when you are currently going to the LBS to clean your bike, you will want to buy one as long as you’re there.

Park Tool BCB-4.2 Bicycle Cleaning Brush Set
  • Four-piece cleaning brush set designed specifically for the shapes and materials of bicycles
  • Soft bristle soaping brush for general cleaning
  • Sponge/bristle combination brush for heavy duty scrubbing
  • Tapered bottle brush for detailed cleaning of tight areas
  • GSC-1 Gearclean brush features tough nylon bristles and curved toothed pick to clean grit and grime from gears and small components

Use the hose pipe to rinse out the mud from your bike as best it is possible to. To avoid ruining your rig, don’t apply high-pressure water into areas that have bearings. This particular could work its method in and rinse the grease out.

You will observe 2 things within the photo below:

  • I’m standing back off from the bike so the strain isn’t too wonderful.
  • That is just a regular hose, not just a high-pressure method (when compared with point out the coin-operated vehicle wash).

As I move around in nearer toward the cycle and concentrate on the factors, I decrease the pressure a lot more to show the aerosol into extra of a mist.

mountain bike wash station


Bust out those brushes pictured above and scrub your motorcycle down. I would advise the big brush for the shape, the medium-sized brush with complicated bristles for hard-to-reach. It is possible to opt for soap if you want, as it will certainly help with oily, hard to completely clean areas. Nevertheless, if I’m targeting a quick rinse in under quarter-hour, I’ll miss the soap and simply scrub and apply water. It nevertheless works pretty much. Be sure to get every one of the hard-to-reach areas.

how to clean a bike frame

Clear the chain

Having a clear frame is fine, but where it certainly counts has been your drivetrain along with other moving parts. Have special care to completely clean the chain effectively.

mountain bike maintenance

Clear the cassette along with other components

Make sure to get all the grime from the cassette, and tidy the chain ring plus derailleurs cautiously as well.

diy bike wash station

Overlook the tires

Section of our goal would be to get the cycle clean inside the shortest timeframe possible. In the direction of that end, miss scrubbing the wheels. I will normally squirt them down while using the hose pipe to knock the muck down, but I will not take the time scrubbing and describing them. You can do this by changing a bike tire tube. Genuinely, what will be the point? The auto tires are the initial thing to get unclean again, and getting a little crimson stain from the neighbourhood clay won’t affect performance whatsoever.

Focus on considerably more important parts just like the drive train.

homemade cleaner


Take the time to dry your mountain bike away from. If I am going quickly, I concentrate on the chain, elements, and other transferring components, and I bump my bicycle side-to-side in order to knock this particular from the heads with the bolts in order that they don’t rust.

mountain bike lube


Immediately after you think your bike can be adequately dry, execute a full lube-job. Be sure to lube the string well, along with all the other moving components such as for example your derailleurs. Make sure to wipe away the surplus lube after it has already established a few moments to soak in.

how to cleaning a chain with household products

Final Words

I have described the top 9 easy steps of how to clean a mountain bikes in this article. It is very easy because you don’t have to remove the bike wheel. It is very important to clean your bike after a mountain ride. Always keep one thing in mind if you don’t clean your bike it will damage the important parts like chain, body frame, bearing, brake, and many other important parts. You can use these bike cleaning steps for every type of bikes. I hope you like this article.

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