How to Jump a Mountain Bike – Expert Tips to Improve MTB Jumping Skills

how to jump a mountain bike

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During the last couple of research on biking, we’ve gone into some of the essential skills in mountain biking to assist you better learn how to jump a mountain bike in the right way. In this article, we will keep on to the world to getting your tires off the ground. While jumping is definitely fun, a lot of riders out there don’t see the point in spending time learning how to do it properly. As a result, there may be a lack of flow to your riding elsewhere on the hill. You might feel just like you’re stalling in corners, or feeling unable to look for grip just as you recognize others having the ability to trust when things have more technical.

In this article, I’ll breakdown how to jump a mountain bike safely with self-confidence. This smoother approach to applying weight to an attribute should give you way more control especially on much larger features, and subsequently, enable you to use that exact same predictable and regular control to different around the trail. The bottom line is when you can jump with control and confidence you’ll be able to apply that same feeling to corners and larger features.

Why jump?

When you can jump constantly having control of jumping with full confidence, then getting the wheels off the ground is among the best feeling in mountain biking. While jumping naturally you can imbalanced so it is much better that you must wear safety kits before biking. Now you can ask what to wear for mountain biking? Don’t worry our expert has described it. Click here to read the full guide.

The feeling of floating above the trail as if you have all the time in the world becomes addictive, and as well as being fun, it also opens up a whole world of possibility when it comes to linking features together in normal riding. If you can choose where you go heavy and light on a jump, then you can apply that same strategy to textured trails and technical obstacles.

This in turn means that you can generate traction and control where you recognize certain shapes, and enjoy that floaty feeling over the same features that used to cause you all the problems.

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how to jump a mountain bike

How is the feeling?

Jumps are amusing. In the beginning the outside, it appears like a jump ought to be exhilarating and enjoyable. Like it should all turn out to be explosive and fire you up into the air. The truth is though if you are jumping correctly then it is because you’re confident and smooth otherwise it can harm you.

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This comes from making slow motions and driving your body weight back into the complete feature to result in consistent pressure and drive. As soon as you leave the ground you’re locked into something consequently so still and predictable which it often takes riders by surprise as they feel like they should be doing more. The effort involved in jumps should be on the ground and last a long time. Subsequently, the air time should feel like you’re floating and that you locked into all that stability on the shape of the takeoff..

how to jump a mountain bike with flat pedals

How to Jump a Mountain Bike Step-by-step Guide

Mountain biking is really a type of cycling where bikers drive off-road through varied terrain. One common subset of mountain biking named dirt jumping features cyclists who execute several jumps and tricks, launching their bikes from ramps created from compressed dirt. Nevertheless, learning to execute a proper jump can be handy for all types of mountain biking. If you’re thinking about jump a mountain bike, take into consideration learning correct jumping form and safety.

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However, before you jump you will need to sort out some steps:

  • The first step: Getting Ready
  • Second step: Beginning Out
  • Third step: Getting Safely

Getting Ready

Step-1: Ensure that your bike is in excellent condition. This can be a vital section of mountain biking generally but it is vital for you to safely jump. Your landing shall put a lot more power than typical on its frame. Additionally, break down becomes a lot more dangerous if they happen while you are airborne. Execute a safety check before each ride.

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Step-2: Prepare yourself to jump with the mountain bike. You need to practice biking for some time before trying to jump. If you’re inexpert, it’s likely you’ll fail the jump and get yourself injured. An effective jump as well takes a specific amount of general physical fitness. Keep the body in the shape before jumping.

  • Consider lowering your saddle below its normal level before trying jumps. Or else, you might hit your crotch on the saddle during your jump, which can be very painful.
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Step-3: Visualize your jump. Sooner than you decide to try any kind of jump, take a look at your slope. Make a strategy of your route to it and picture landing on the additional side. A general guideline is that in case you can’t see yourself landing properly, the jump should not be attempted. If you see a large number of rocks and debris along your route and on the other hand, look for a different spot to jump.

  • Practice jumping using a man-made ramp that’s softly sloped and very low to the floor. This will enable you to accurate your jumps in safe hands, an easy environment.
  • Just the once you have learned safer jumps, you might choose for more difficult ramps. Popular ramps for mountain biking are man-made mud jumps and usual outcroppings.
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Starting Out

Step-1: In this step turn your bike in the direction of your slope. Keep the bike at a moderate speed, driving from the saddle. You do not want to go so fast to make a mistake, particularly when you’re first finding out. On the other hand, if you go too slowly, you won’t have the ability to clear out the jump.

how to bunny hop a mountain bike

Step-2: Compress your cycle once the front wheel extends to the lip on the ramp. Avoid pedaling the bike. Push down on the front suspension through your hands on the handlebars. Crouch forward slightly. However, don’t lean past the handlebars, which might lead to your bicycle to the frontward pitch. Do not go back to your seat until after you have finished your landing.

how to bunny hop bmx

Step-3: Explode because the back wheel gets to the lip from the slope. “Exploding” is the term utilized by cyclists to spell it out when they operate right after compressing, pulling the front from the bike up because they jump. You’ll be moving your body weight from your hands and wrists to the feet and eventually the next steering wheel backward. Shift your posture in one that’s bunched around one that’s almost standing. Keep the hands in the handlebars as well as your foot for the pedals at fine instances.

  • While you do that, you’re basically bouncing up from the crouched position and pulling the bike with you.
how to bunny hop a full suspension mountain bike

Step-4: Now you can take pleasure in your flight. When you have appropriately compacted and exploded, you should in the air now. Take the time to experience one of the most entertaining elements of biking. Keep the body loose and steer clear of stiffening up. If the bike didn’t leave the ground or you have off balance and fell, review the ways and once more try out.

how to pump mtb

Landing Safely

Step-1: Go back to your ready position. The ready location may be the default position you acquire while cycling. Hold both your elbows and legs bent and out there while driving from the saddle. Do this before you land.

how to bunny hop with flat pedals

Step-2: Land on both tires simultaneously. Ensure that your bike is right with the rims parallel to the bottom when you are nonetheless in the air. Shift your bodyweight to levels out your bike. Getting with both rims at once can help absorb the shock better and keep you from washing out.

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Step-3: Push down the bike towards the ground. Moving the bike into the landing shall create extra grip, enabling the rims to rebalance and hold the bottom even more simply. Use your legs and arms as your bike’s main suspension. Maintain them prepared and loosened to soak up the impact.

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Step-4: Roll out from the landing, then braking rather. Jumping your mountain bike produces plenty of momentum, so it’s essential that you don’t break immediately after you land. Often, you might turn more than your handlebars. To safely emerge from your jump, keep on moving into a poor give up onward.

  • Following the jump, your momentum can have you quite away.
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  • You should be supposed to become skilled at bunny hop your bike before trying to jump a mountain bike.
  • For all time wear defensive gear when mount biking. At least, you need to use the best mountain bike helmet often; preferably one properly fitted and with a full face. Other protective gear that are smart to wear are riding goggles, gloves, shin guards, knee pads, body armor, and cycling shorts. They are specially suggested when participating in great danger pursuits like bouncing. We are suggesting the best gears below.

Gear you should Wear

Riding Goggles

Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Outdoor...
  • 【UV Cut】: TOPTETN Polarized sunglasses use very good material for safety and impact resistance, and it stands out for its ultralight, clear, elasticity, stability and impact resistance. Villains harmful to the sun and to the UV reflection (UVA and UVB) harmful reduce the load on the eyes and ensure a comfortable view
  • 【Expand the horizons】: ultralight, fashionable and durable sunglasses cut the reflection of light on the surface of the water, extend the field Ignore to see the fish well, it is ideal for fishing. In addition, the lens and the frame are difficult to damage and durable, making it difficult to break them.
  • 【COMFORTABLE NOSE PADS】: nose pads made of soft silicone can fit your nose well and give you the best wearing feelings. It will stay in place and will not slip when you cycling or Running, just enjoy sports without any worry.
  • 【Applicable range】: interchangeable 3-leaf lens for weather and several scenes to replace the lens. Ideal for cycling, cycling, baseball, golf, driving, running, fishing, skiing, climbing and travel activities. Apply on cloudy days or with snow and on sunny days.
  • 【It includes a full range of products】: frames for glasses, 3 special lenses, bags, glass wipes, polarization test cards, Myopia frame. Each pair of glasses includes, colorful lenses, black polarized lenses, and yellow-enhanced lenses (the color of the colorful lenses is based on the color you ordered) Please confirm the purchase of the anqicn store, other sales are not my company's products, quality Can not be guaranteed, there is no good after-sales service


Giro DND Men's Mountain Cycling Gloves
  • Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch breathable mesh
  • Highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface and simple, slip-on design
  • Reinforce fingertips and flex zones at the knuckles
  • Super Fit Engineered with three-panel design and AX Suede synthetic leather
  • Silicone fingertip print and 2mm EVA crash pad

Shin Guards

BOSONER Kids/Youth Knee Pad Elbow Pads Guards...
  • ♥ Multifunctional Protective Gear: FOR KIDS/CHILD, the knee elbow pads with wirst guards are designed for kids sports saftey protection especially for ice and roller cycling skating, Skateboard Hoverboard, biking, cycling, skating, rolling, ATV, BMX and other extrem sports
  • ♥ Professional and Comfortable: Adjustable elastic straps for secure, The thickening desgin will be good protection during sport, Lightweight, ventilated EVA foam provides cool air flow and limits perspiration.
  • ♥ Boys/ Girls/ Kids Gift for : It is the good choice as the gift for Children's Day, Birthday, Christmas,etc. Boutique!!! perfect for any girls, toddle,boys, It's a good present as a children/kids gift.
  • ♥ PROTECTIVE GEAR SET: 2pcs knee pad, 2pcs elbow pad, 2pcs wrist pad, Size: S Suggest for 3-7 year old. M, Suggest for 6-15 year old, Magic stick to modify the size. (Please check our size chart in the detail picture)
  • ♥ The pads would make a bit compression to the body for the safty reason, the resonable could allow the body to hold the right position while riding with sport euqipments such as bicycle, skateboad, inline skating, and other outdoor sports such as volleyball basketball bmx bike

Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip,...
  • 1 Pair Kneepads (Left and right), Unisex design, two sizes available. Polyester 45%/ Rubber 25%/ EVA 30%, Latex Free.
  • Your Safety is Our Priority-made of high-density strengthen foam, good elasticity, breathable fabric keeps skin dry, and more comfortable.
  • Ergonomic design, super lightweight, provides freedom of movement. An ideal knee protector for outdoor sports.
  • Protect and Prevent knee injuries during exercise. Keep warm, prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints. Effectively impact resistance, increase blood circulation.
  • Great Grip, Non-Slip Feature! Easily put the knee pads on and forget that you had them on! That’s how comfortable it is whilst in use. No constant re-adjustment needed as it firmly hugs the knee!

Body Armor

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket spine chest...
  • 🦋SECURE PROTECTIVE🦋 Motorcycle armor is made of high-density wear-resistant armor. Removable pad for easy cleaning, multiple large vents and foam plastic shell is the biggest ventilation, all the advantages, allowing you to ride safety
  • 🦋CONTAIN🦋 Protective armor jacket is a wonderful full body armor (back protector, shoulder cup, elbow cup, forearm protection, chest) are attached to the mesh shirt thing
  • 🦋HIGHT QUALITY🦋 By weight and elastic Lycra / durable mesh fabric and high impact plastic injection molding, full zipper front closure, adjustable straps of the weapon, high density foam filled with high quality and comfortable adjustable elastic hook ring closing safety joint, removable spine and tail armor protection wide elastic waistband hook and loop adjustment
  • 🦋PERFECT FIT🦋 Armor gear can be used for motorcycle, cycling, riding, skating, racing, off-road and other recreational conservation projects
  • 🦋TIPS🦋 Before buying, please contact our customer service to provide your height and weight. We will recommend the most suitable size for you. Thank you

Cycling Shorts

Santic Men's Loose-fit Mountain Bike Shorts Coolmax...
  • Two zippered pockets-- These Men's Loose-fit Bike Shorts have Two zippered pockets, enough to hold your phone, keys or other essentials. Protect your belongings from loss while you the cycling for long distances.
  • Reflective Detail And Fabric-- Reflective print on the left leg and buttocks , improve the safety of the night riding. Water will not stay on the nylon fabric, keeps you dry while riding on a muddy trail or wet pavement.
  • 3D padded underwear-- Loose-fit mountain bike shorts paired with professional cycling underwear. Cycling underwear is designed with comfortable 3D padding, even while cycling for long distances, It provides adequate protection. Please notice that we have two different types of chooses!!
  • Care Instruction-- Our SANTIC Cycling Shorts are made of nylon which is super easy to keep clean and fresh for daily use - It is FULL MACHINE WASHABLE. Normal temperature washing - the highest temperature of 30 ℃.Cold ironing - the highest temperature of 110℃. Do not bleach and dry cleaning.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are jumping a bike good for trail?

That is probably great for you personally; it is going to be quite a good rough trail bike, and also, you won’t need to be concerned about it breaking up if you hit any jumps. Possible; however, there would have been a whole good deal of compromises. The geometry is about jumping, maybe perhaps not railing turns or.

How do I keep my feet on pedals when jumping?

While riding on flat ground, compress down in your pedals along with spring straight back up. Allow your weight to come to point your feet down and also then push on the pedals because you draw up your legs in your direction, pulling the wheel off the ground.

Can 29ers jump?

Generally speaking, a 29er enduro/trail bike isn’t the very most appropriate for dirt jump mode jumps with slower rates and steep lips and landings. They have been fun and awesome about Bike Park. A-line style high speed jumps.

Should your feet touch the ground on a mountain bike?

To get a standard bike in normal use, you should not, from the seat, be in a position to get the ground (without leaning or perhaps, on extreme tiptoe). (After you turn to with your feet on the pedals in a usual manner, the suitable almost-straight leg expansion is obtained.)

What is the difference between a dirt jumper and a mountain bike?

Dirt Jump/Freestyle mountain bikes appear like mountain bikes but will often have a rigid frame and a lower stand-over elevation to keep the seat from their manner while acting hints. The wheels are stronger than a country mountain bikes and also the same.

Article Summary

Finally to jump a mountain bike, start by bicycling toward a ramp at a reasonable speed, riding from the saddle. Whenever your front wheel strikes the edge from the ramp, stop pedaling, lean frontward, and make use of the hands to press down on the bike’s forward suspension from the handlebars. Enter a crouch, but don’t low fat at night handlebars, since that may make your cycle pitch ahead. As your rear wheel extends to the edge on the ramp, explode right into a jump by getting into a standing place, pulling leading of your cycle up as you transfer your weight from your own hands to the feet.

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