How to Loosen Chacos – Strap Adjusting Guide for All

How to Loosen Chacos

Chaco is a shoe-making company located in Paonia, Colorado, which mainly produces sandals for men and women. These performance sandals are usually open-toe or closed-toe waterproof shoes with excellent strap design. Chaco sandals are elegant and lightweight flip-flops, generally more durable, designed for hikers and river runners. All Chacos designs allow you to keep your feet safe when outdoors, in wet or dry environments but sometimes you’ve to loosen chacos for your own comfort. More interestingly, Chaco products provide a lifetime warranty against defects.

Furthermore, Chaco sandals are high-quality brands of popular men’s and women’s mountain sports shoes. Chacos comes with several customizable options, the first is an insole, and the second is a strap pattern. On the latest Chacos model, the company has turned to a sole that combines insole and strap style options but offers more strap options than ever.

How to adjust Chacos Sandals

Chaco sandals have curved arches and straps to secure the feet and provide you with the freedom and comfort of sandals without sacrificing support. Chaco sandals can be divided into two basic groups-sandals with rings around the big toe and sandals without rings. Regardless of the style, the trick to adjusting Chaco sandals is that the strap must be operated in a specific order. With a little practice, you will feel close but not too tight, and the Chaco sandals should feel comfortable and safe throughout the day.

If you have prepared your Chacos sandals and are ready to start an adventure, then you should master this adjustment technique. If you think you might need some help, don’t worry. Just carry this guide with you on your next outdoor adventure and learn how to loosen chacos. Highlighted below, you will find the most suitable way to do this without difficulty.

How to adjust Chacos Sandals with a toe loop

If your Chacos sandals come with a toe loop, the following steps would be needed for adjustment:

How to Tighten 

After placing the foot in the Chacos, you can firstly pull the toe region from the inside portion of the Chacos. At this point, you will feel that the lower belt is tight. Next, you can pull the upper strap from the side closest to the toes. You can then move to the buckle belt and pull through the strap, closer to the foot’s inner part. The last step entails passing the strap along with the buckle, while pulling close to the outer part of the foot, and then fix it so that it fits perfectly. Now, you should be free to embark on your trip for the day.

How to Loosen Chacos

How to loosen

For this, firstly loosen the buckle. Just pull it up in the opposing direction you use in its tightening, and you will find it starts to loosen. After that, you can continue to use the top part (that passes through the top part of the foot toward the toe ring). You can as well pull it out from the outside part. 

Next is to tighten the strap meant for the toe. Go ahead and pull out the portion that’s closer to the outer part of the Chaco. Upon doing this, you can pull down the strap and pull through the portion closest to the sandals’ outer portion. With this, you can comfortably put them off or on.

how to loosen chacos with two straps

How to adjust Chacos Sandals without a toe loop (open toe)

If your Chacos sandals come without a toe loop (open toe), the following steps would be needed for adjustment:

How to tighten

If you desire help on how to tighten Chacos when you are putting on the sandals, pull the strap from the part which lies close to the toes. It would make the bottom strap tight on the sole, and you will feel it when pulling. You can then pull the strap through the part which lies close to your inner foot. To fix the loosen chacos to the feet, pull through the buckle strap located toward your outer foot and pass it between the buckle. After completing this operation, you are then free to move.

How to loosen

Like Chacos with a toe ring, firstly, pull the strap on the buckle to make it lose, which is the opposite of the direction you use to tighten the strap ring. Then, pull the upper strap across the foot and pull it through the outer part. 

Next, you pull the bottom strap up a second time through the part which lies close to the outer part of the sandals. Now, the Chacos ought to be quite loose enough to allow you to put it on and take off.

More tips and information

Chacos itself provides an excellent guide for adjustment. If the strap after fixing the Chaco sandals is too long, or even drags the ground, please contact the company’s maintenance department. They can shorten it for a little cost. Chaco sandals also have two narrow straps extending from side to side. You can adjust them by pulling the straps in the right order at the same time.

Advantages of Chacos sandals 

Summer hiking requires sandals highly suitable for this purpose: your regular boots will be too hot, and lightweight sneakers don’t always have the technical footprint and foot comfort angle needed to cross wet, uneven terrain. At this time, loosen chacos sandals will free you for all hassles. More of its advantages include:

advantages of Chacos

1. It makes you sexy and fashionable 

Usually, we all love having sandals that are different from other common design styles. The Chacos design is truly unique, so it brings you to brand new fashion shoes. The best part is that Chacos offers a variety of colors and shapes that can turn you into an adventurer or a hippie or anyone you desire to be.

2. They are a source of excellent support 

Chacos provide excellent support. At first use, it may be challenging to wear it. However, all of us always know what happens when we try on new sandals or shoes. Once we get used to it, we can stand up all day without having any form of pain.

3. They can merge in any environment

Chacos is perfect for spending a day anywhere, in any situation, or an upscale hotel. Yes, they are stylish enough not to embarrass you in high-end hotels. Also, Chacos is useful if you want to hike across the mountains. Of course, if you’re going to explore the city, it will be perfect for you. This is why many people like Chacos.

4. They let your feet breathe 

When it comes to hot weather, many people usually distaste wearing socks because they always make them sweat, which we all want to avoid. Chacos allows you to have sturdy sandals, and if you decide to go hiking, it can easily let your feet breathe without making you uncomfortable.

5. Even underwater, they will reach the location you want 

There are very few sandals that allow you to use them on any terrain, such as swimming, because it may give your feet an odor or cause harm. Chacos is designed to handle any type of landscape, so you don’t need to worry.

6. Exquisite strap design will not hurt your feet

Chacos straps are made of sturdy fabrics and run through the sandals’ soles, so you can easily adjust the belt to fit your feet perfectly. Therefore, it can protect you from harm.

7. They are durable 

You may be fully aware that Chacos are quite expensive pairs of sandals, but they are highly durable. With it, you will never have to worry about replacing worn sandals due to its strength. It has a rubber sole, so it is challenging to wear, and it may be the most durable pair of sandals you may have as well.

8. They are super comfortable

Chacos is much more convenient than you can imagine. When you move around in a hot area, you will feel delighted without sweating in your feet. If you need self-consolation from the torture of closed shoes, you can think of getting a Chacos sandal.


In conclusion, finding suitable sandals for outdoor sports and water sports is often difficult. Although some products may be appropriate, they may not have the high durability you want. However, with excellent sandals such as Chaco’s, you can find the perfect combination of fit, comfort, and durability.

With its safe and adjustable installation technology, Chacos is suitable for various water sports and outdoor activities. However, with its unique technology, it can be a little tricky to put on, you can easily loosen chacos and take them off. Therefore, we decided to summarize this guide to help you discover the best way to tighten and loosen chacos. Thus, when taking a kayak or fishing trip, you can wear it more accurately and comfortably, and make full use of it. If you know someone who is having difficulty using the adjustment techniques or think other outdoor enthusiasts may find it interesting or helpful, you can also share this guide with them.

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