How to Wash a Wool Sweater – Best Washing and Drying Tips from Expert

how to wash a wool sweater

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It’s to be expected you have a wool sweater–and necessary piece it is possible to wear through the entire cold-weather a few months. It’s warm, attractive, and fragile, the latter furthermore staying its downfall, if laundered in the wrong way, it could shrink, or even not as good as is permanently ruined. But you can find ways to avoid any mishaps from going on, also it all comes down to the method of how to wash the wool sweater. Forward, have a look at our step-by-step manual to follow next time you intend to wash your wool sweater. That it is easier than you imagine, and while it may look like more just work at first, it’ll save you plenty of tension and difficulty in the foreseeable future.

You just purchased a lovely cashmere-wool sweater.

It fits ideal and feels awesome.

But what now? When it’s time and energy to wash it?

Bowl it within the washing machine?

Probabilities are, it’ll shrink 3 measurements…

…and drop its original condition and structure.

Get it for the dry cleaners?

Dry cleaning utilizes insensitive chemicals that may shrink wool fibers.

As a result, even though your sweater’s label says, “dry fresh only,” it could be better suitable for hand washing in the home.

In case it’s wool or cashmere, it is possible to rinse it yourself in the home without risking harm.

This article will highlight some techniques you will have to know to be able to easily wash in the home that some individuals consider to be always a quite unpredictable item of clothing, wool sweatshirts.

Truths about Wool Sweater

To begin with, wool doesn’t absolutely need to be cleaned very often because the lanolin oils which are within the wool ensure it is naturally anti-microbial. It’s actually very easy to wash wool cloths but it requires the right method for its long-lasting service. In order very long as your wool apparel is only put through average wear plus you also give them a small amount of time to weather out among wearing, you will not actually have to place them during your washer or hand clean all of them that normally. In those conditions where you think that a clean would be finest, however, combat the impulse to adopt your wool apparel to the dried up cleanser. The solvents which are used in dried out cleaning is gradually tough on wool materials and will crack them down as time passes.

It generally does not actually shrink within the laundering process. Instead, because the wool fibers happen to be agitated backward and forwards and maneuver around during washing specifically during drying, they lock more detailed and closer jointly creating another stuff that you might also have heard about, felt. Sometimes, needless to say, felting wool could be a good thing such as for example along the way of making conventional men’s hats. But needless to say, you don’t want your sweatshirts to get rid of up exactly the same way.

In addition, though, nearly all felting won’t take place inside the washer since water will undoubtedly be in between a lot of the individual fibers. Relatively, where felting takes place most often will be in the clothes dryer as the apparel are dry, very hot, and is continually agitated. So inevitably then, the principal thing to spotlight whenever you are usually washing wool is merely to avoid felting. That is legitimate for either of both techniques we have been about to demonstrate.

how often wash wool sweater

How to Wash Wool Sweater

In this section, I will elaborately discuss the right and easy process of how to wash a wool sweater that you can do it without any trouble. Follow these 7 simple step by step processes.

Don’t Use Washing Machine

The resistance from your own washing machine’s cleansing cycle will notice wool. Heat and soap reduce the garment and transform it from a gentle, woven texture into harder stuff – felt.

Running wool products through the clean cycle of one’s machine also damages the device as fuzz from your wool can detach and believed, forming difficult clumps in the pump.

Wool doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently. Particularly if allowed to get shown out between wears.

Consider, “Are you currently sure it requires to be cleaned?”

If yes, work with a basin, kitchen sink or bathtub and wash. This is actually the preferable cleaning way for wool.

Softer wool like cashmere or lamb’s wool will get roughed up within a machine cycle, thus remember the sort of wool before making a decision if you wish to wash or by the equipment.

Even though the care tag reads “dry tidy simply,” handwashing a cashmere sweater really helps it be softer as time passes. Use a delicate detergent or child shampoo.

When the garment will not require washing, employ spot-cleaning to focus on soiled regions. A brush may be used to spot clean. Clean the garden soil off and rinse out the region through with cool water.

washing wool with vinegar

Soak in Cool Water

Melt a mild cleaner in normal water first, to avoid it from reacting together with the damp wool. Whatever products you use, be sure you add hardly any as soap boosts felting. A tablespoon of detergent is enough for a moderate or large sweater. An inferior sweater will demand only half of a tablespoon.

Soak the sweater in cool water for 5-10 a matter of minutes before washing. This system will avoid wool from shrinking.

Ensure the entire garment is certainly soaked with normal water. Use cool water as warm water or hot water will reduce wool.

wash wool with shampoo

Gently Squash Suds through

Shift the water detergent throughout the textile. Swish the sweater around in awesome, sudsy normal water until it really is completely wet.

After a short while of soaking and swirling, take away the sweater through the basin.

Gently rotate the sweater right into a ball and squash out the surplus drinking water without sopping, rubbing or twisting the sweater. Wool will stretch conveniently and lose form, so practice attention when removing unnecessary water.

how to dry wool sweater in dryer

Rinse the Sweater in Cool Water

The heat increases the quantity of felting. Rinse out the sweater in cool water.

Clear the basin filled up with the detergent and normal water mix. Load the basin with cool water once again and immerse the sweater until it really is completely soaked.

Wash the sweater another time before water is clear of the detergent lather.

how to wash knit sweaters

Remove Extra Moisture by a Towel

You have to keep in mind that never ever wring or hang-dry since moist wool stretches without difficulty. Grasp the sweater by its shoulders to permit this particular to drain through the sweater into the basin.

Press out the extra water utilizing the following method:

  • Put a clean, dried up towel flat on to the floor. Lay your wet sweater over the towel.
  • Beginning up from the bottom, roll-up the sweater into the towel until there is a sweater-towel tube.
  • Push down onto it several times to be sure the towel soaks up any extra excess water, in that case, unroll it and re-shape once again.
  • Press and press lightly before unrolling in oxygen to dry.
how to wash woolen clothes with ezee

Pull Diligently Into Shape

Earlier than drying out the sweater, you will need to obstruct it back to shape. Obstructing a sweater preserves the right sizing and evens out the textile. This important action really helps to reshape the sweater to its unique dimensions since it dries.

  • You wish the sweater being damp, however, not soaking wet.
  • Disperse the sweater on the dry out towel or over a dry, clean, flat work surface.
  • Clean out the textile and coax the sweater into the desired size and shape.

You can also adjust the suit so the sweater is marginally bigger or smaller sized than before.

cleaning irish wool sweater

Dry Out the Sweater Flat

Given that your sweater is usually clean, all you have to execute to dry can lie it even in its healthy shape.

Normally it takes days for damp cashmere to dry. To increase the process, work with a large salad spinner to tremble out the extra water. Then lay down it smooth to dry.

Avoid drying out the sweater in immediate heat or sunlight.

Do not work with a tumble clothes dryer to boost the process.

You should use folding clothing rack to place the sweater chiseled.

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Extra Tips – Wool Sweater Folding Instructions

  • Keep away from a succession running down the center of the sweater by folding each section of this sweater inward by way of a third.
  • Smooth the arms down, and collapse in half.
  • Sagging a cashmere sweater reasons shoulder dimples. The form from the sweater will be distorted with the yank of gravity.


Wool is among the most resilient textiles, with normal breathability and stretch out. Its natural houses let it dissipate any water it might take in.

Even so, despite its resilience, a wool attire item still calls for occasional care to help keep it seeking its best. In this article, I have put the easiest method of how to wash the wool sweater. These are the simple process to follow for keeping your wool sweater good and long-lasting.

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