Kayak Modification Ideas – Best DIY Updated Ideas in 2020

Kayak Modification Ideas

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While modern kayaks are equipped with almost everything. You just need to get into the water and start fishing. There is always scope for customizations and improvements for every gears and gadget. It also applies to your kayak modification. Aside from if you have a simple fishing kayak or your kayak is more advanced, you will find a few features you want, that your kayak doesn’t have now. There are a lot of kayak modifications ideas available. In this article, I am just not going to tell you the most advanced kayak modification ideas but also introduce you with the most popular kayak mods so you can take inspiration to customize your kayak to give it that personal touch you’ve always wanted.

If your aim is to add suitable modifications to a new kayak or enhance the effectiveness and usefulness of your previous kayak, plenty of choices are available. If you are just getting started with kayak fishing, knowing the best kayak modifications and upgrades might be tough. Don’t worry go through the article your problem is going to be solved.

Best kayak Modification Ideas and Upgrades

Camera Mount

A camera mount is the best modification. Because having a camera along with you when you are on the water can be an excellent way of shooting videos and images of your visionary adventures. However, having somewhere safe to set your camera while you are paddling might be crucial if you never want to lose it.

A camera mount, like this GoPro Suction Cup Mount, can be attached with the vessel and keep a hold of your Go Pro while the hands are busy or shrouded in that giant fish. 

A suction cup mount is built to fit on a level working work surface; this usually means that you can place it into a kayak without needing almost any other different hardware. Therefore it is a removable and easy modification.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)
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GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)
  • Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more
  • Industrial strength suction cup proven at speeds of 150+ mph
  • Engineered to provide a broad range of motion and stability
  • Quick release base makes moving between shots and locations quick and convenient

Anchor System

If you on the water and you also want to stop in your favorite fishing hole or you’ve seen a few wildlife that you want to take an image of, then it could be not easy to carry your posture at moving water while the hands are full.

An anchor can help keep you in precisely the same location and prevent you from drifting away from the current or wind. Anchors intended for kayaks, for example, that one from outdoors & best marine, are streamlined and will fold to get convenience. They shouldn’t take up space in your vessel.

You can create your anchor system for simplicity of usage.

Advanced Elements Canoe and Kayak Anchor System
  • Anchor system for a canoe or kayak; features 3-pound collared, galvanized grapple anchor
  • Comes with 60-foot line, carabineer, line float, and mesh travel bag for anchor and line
  • Designed to hold well to most types of bottoms, from sand to rock
  • Sliding collar locks flutes open when anchor is deployed
  • Covered by one-year manufacturer warranty

Watertight Storage

Not totally all kayaks are going to have the good thing about built-in watertight storage. However, it may be a simple add on your own. Watertight boxes can become quite considered described as a great addition to the kayak.

Those from Outdoor Products could be ideal since it’s possible to choose either large or little, based on which you want to maintain inside them, and they come with a rope with a key chain clip. That means you may fasten it to clip or an eyelet onto your kayak.

It means that you can safely store your snacks, keys, phone, or fishing accessories and keep them as long as you want them.

Outdoor Products Watertight Box, Small, Dress Blues
  • Multipurpose box protects against moisture, dust, dirt, and sand; great for boating, kayaking, fishing, and more
  • Rubber key clip and strap attachment point; O-ring closure for a watertight seal
  • Made from shatterproof translucent polycarbonate; small size measures 3.25 x 5.25 x 6.75 inches with 840 ml capacity
  • Not intended for climbing, load-bearing use, or full submersion
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

Fishing Crate

A fishing crate can be a vital aspect of a successful kayak fishing journey. Your kayak will not always have rod holders or want to put in a couple of more. A fishing crate can be an excellent place to keep rods as well as fishing gear.

Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate | 4 Rod Holders | Kayak...
  • Large main compartment
  • Lid serves as additional storage
  • Comes standard with four (4) rod holders
  • Water resistant when latched closed
  • Universal lash down points
  • Comes with brackets to raise the position of the rod holders to accommodate narrow tankwells

Seat Update 

It is one of the best kayak modification ideas. Some basic recreational kayaks could lack a comfortable chair. But when you intend to spend a while on the water, a chair can be considered described as quite a fantastic investment. A chair can help support your spine and cushion behind, that means you are ready to keep on the water more.

Picking a chair with a seat back is an excellent idea for extra relaxation, similar to this Leader one since it was made to work well with both sit-insides and sit-on-tops, provided that your kayak has somewhere to add the straps.

JAYEGT Kayak Seat High Back Canoe Seat with Back...
  • · Material: neoprene+600D polyester, inter layer: EVA foam+PE plate , the kayak seat is padded and comfortable, it’s durable and will be served a long lifetime with our quality guaranteed.
  • · Comes with adjustable front and rear straps , suitable for most kayaks / Canoe and other boats, and prevent the seat from slipping by the long straps with a metal spring hook to ensure your safety.
  • · Owns detachable storage bag, this bag coated by water resistance material and also easy to storage your personal belongings and most kayak accessories .
  • · With ergonomic backrest, contoured padded backrest is soft and anti-skid, offers a comfortable back support while kayaking a long day.
  • Our kayak seats are widely used in various kayaks/ canoes /fishing boats.


If you discover your kayak could be somewhat tippy in some water conditions or planning on standing to fish, you might want to think about adding outriggers.

Outriggers help create more balance by shifting some of their weight from the sides. This means in a narrow vessel; you might wind up. 

It could be simple to create your outriggers using floats, such as such, and linking them into PVC pipes. This is an excellent method to customize your vessel and give that added balance to you that is important for you in water. 

Jezero Deep Water Float (Pack of 2), Yellow, 5x11-Inch
  • Floats will allow you to locate your trap or buoy maker with no trouble
  • High-density closed-cell foam design keeps lines afloat
  • Works great as a boat moorage buoy or trot line marker
  • 2 Floats Included
  • Measures: 5-Inches x 11- Inches

Gear Tracks

While many dedicated fishing kayaks will have gear monitors already installed, lots of basic recreational ones might not. Gear monitors are a great way to bring a group of accessories from rod lights and holders into camera mounts and fish finders.

With the addition of gear monitors, you can easily accessorize and customize your craft without needing different mounting points to be drilled to a vessel for each extra accessory. Accessories can be mounted into the gear monitors. There are numerous brands available, and lots of accessories are all appropriate for a variety of gear monitors.

YakAttack GTSL90 GearTrac 8in Light/Medium Duty Polymer...
  • 8" long
  • Hole spacing 1-3/4"
  • Compatible with 1/2" wide track hardware
  • U.S. Pat. No. 9,671,060 B1

The Milk Crate

The storage crate is just one of the handy fishing kayak accessories. This goes into the cargo space. It enables you to organize and store your lunch apparel and gear. When correctly set up, the storage crate should make it possible to achieve your gear rather readily while seated.

A perfect storage crate will be both sturdy and strong. It would help if you searched to get a crate that contains straps and clips. These should help you attach it to your kayak.

Muscle Rack MK131311-B2PK 11" x 13" x 13" Black Milk...
  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • Great for indoor and outdoor storage
  • Easily stackable
  • Very strong heavy duty construction
  • Inside dimensions are 12 x 12 x 10.5 inches

Rod Rest 

When outside fishing, many people will bait the fish on the drift or in the anchor. While your kayak might be built with rod holders, they might well not maintain a perfect location throughout fishing.

Among those kayak alterations, you can put your rod recommendations perfectly when fishing shallow waters is a rod rest. Rod rest lets you break your rods when handling up, or even unhooking fish.

BigTron Fishing Rod Holder Bracket, Tube 3 Rod Rack,...
  • High quality propene polymer material,highly durable and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect designed for freshwater and saltwater use
  • Protects your favorite rods from damage during transport or storage
  • Excellent for where flush mount or rail mount rod holder can not be installed,Mounts directly on your boat, truck or wall
  • No Pin inside of tube,made of plastic material

Lithium Battery Box

In case you have a kayak Fish Finder on your vessel, you’re aware that it takes an electrical resource. Batteries are a superb supply of power. When outside fishing, waterproofing the batteries is essential.

Including a waterproof lithium battery to your kayak is the perfect way to make sure that water doesn’t enter into contact with the battery. Based on your preferences, you’re able to construct your waterproof box or purchase one.

TalentCell Rechargeable 72W 100Wh 12V/8300mAh...
  • 12 volt (voltage range is 12.6V~9.0V)/6A(Max.) 8300mAh size is DC5521, 9V 1A/11Ah size is DC5525, 5V USB 2A/20Ah. Three port DC output multi-function lithium ion battery pack.
  • Compatible with any 11.1V 12V LED strip light products, CCTV Camera, IP Camera, Essential Oil Diffuser, LED Panel, Amplifier, Modem, Echo Show 8, Car DVR, Spectra S2 breast pump. 5V USB for smartphone and more. NOTE: our package not include the USB cable.
  • This lithium ion battery pack also runs some of robotic telescopes fine.
  • 9V DC output suitable for Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Processor and more. Please note our battery DC port is inner Positive(+), outer Negative(-). But most guitar pedal input port is inner Negative(-), outer Positive(+). If you want to use this battery to power the guitar pedal, you must need a reversed polarity cable to connect the pedal with our battery, or will damage the guitar pedal. Our package not include this reversed polarity cable. Must be confirm the polarity before you connect it.
  • Please be sure to turn on the switch of the battery (at position "-") for charging. If not, it will not charge. If you have any questions, please contact us to get support, we will do our best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Upgrade My Kayak?

There are many kayak modification ideas. In the above, we have mentioned the most popular methods. Moreover, you can do the below as well. 

  • Tablet or Smartphone Mapping Software. 
  • Stake-Out Pole. 
  • Stand-Up Aid. 
  • Short-Handled Paddles (not shown)

What’s better to sit in or sit on top kayak?

Since a sit-inside kayak places you nearer into the water and the boat is skinnier, you will need a paddle. Unexpectedly, a sit-on-top kayak regularly sits you up; this means you will need a paddle. When you have both forms of kayaks, you also will not be capable of precisely using the paddle.

Can you wax a kayak?

Applying a kayak wax into your boat might provide it that extra level of security from damage. In case you’ve got a plastic/polyethylene vessel, you might not need to make use of a kayak wax, as kayak wax tends to be recommended for composite vessels.

Will waxing a kayak make it faster?

The first is that waxing is likely to make the strand smoother, slipperier, as well as much also faster. The alternative is that wax causes water to bead around the hull, and even the surface strain that is extra makes your vessel slower.

Should I wax the bottom of my kayak?

Waxing your kayak is vital; implementing a kayak wax into your vessel might provide it that extra level of security against damage. This means that it could increase scrapes or dents and the durability of this hull, helping protect it from the damaging rays of the sun.

Can you anchor a kayak?

Probably the most frequent anchor used from the kayak fishing area is a 1.5 pound or 3.0-pound folding anchor. It is possible to dig a bit by putting a few foot of this string at your anchor, then tie your nylon rope. The extra weight helps to retain the flukes of anchor stuck at the ground.

Final Words

Modifying your kayak is fun also certainly will allow you to make your perfect vessel? There are a lot of ways in which you can customize your favorite kayak.

Lots of the kayak mods out that there are all down to personal preference; therefore, not all mods will suit most people. But this is the best thing about personalization – everything you do to a kayak is appropriate for your requirements personally. That means you can create your perfect kayak.

Irrespective of which kind of kayak you might have, you may often find a way to alter it; remember to think of the setup procedure, of course, if any one of those jobs that you perform may influence your kayak’s operation (or its warranty).

Have you have ever modified your yak? Could you inform us about any more kayak modification ideas? And be sure you share the others to inspire.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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