Teardrop Trailers with Bathroom for Camping – 6 Latest Picks on 2020

teardrop trailers with bathroom

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The teardrop trailer is making a comeback. Today, people would rather invest in trailers to plan and enjoy a vacation for several years, instead of spending thousands of dollars a week in an expensive resort. This special type of trailer is light, compact, and convenient. Although they are smaller than traditional trailers, they provide many of the same amenities as larger models. It is not surprising where the teardrop trailer came from. It is shaped like a teardrop. The most basic model provides enough space for two people to sleep comfortably and is equipped with a back kitchen section. Modern teardrop trailers with bathroom are very flexible and people love it.

They were first made decades ago when people drove small cars with far less traction than small trailers. Over the years, people began to drive more powerful cars and SUVs, which allowed them to tow larger trailers across their country. Once this happens, the teardrop trailer became obsolete. For practical reasons and nostalgic reasons, teardrop trailers are back in fashion today. With the increase in gasoline prices, people no longer need to tow expensive large trailers.

People are also going back to the simple days of the past when they would take off and spend the weekend at the campground where the teardrop campers had bathrooms. To this end, here is a highlight of 6 Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms for Camping:

6 Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms for Camping

Timberline by Homegrown

teardrop trailer bathroom solutions

Price: Starting at $49,995.

For those who are looking for home comfort, here is the Timberline by Homegrown. This teardrop trailer is located at the top of the production line and provides all the conveniences of RV. It is more expensive than simple models provided by other manufacturers. Moreover, if you are looking for luxury, this is the ideal camper for your family. Homegrown’s new design is ideal for people who wish to travel around the country or people who just want to provide private accommodation for their families during a holiday visit. Timberline offers spacious living and modern facilities.

The model weighs about 4,200 pounds (dry weight) and measures 18 feet on one side and 23 feet on the other. The width of the front and back is between 7-8 feet. It as well provides a lot of square feet for you and your family. Some features of Timberline by Homegrown include: 

  • Solar roof
  • Freshwater system
  • Indoor shower
  • Indoor toilet
  • 2.5-gallon hot water tank
  • Enough headroom
  • Under the counter refrigerator 

The Timberline by Homegrown can accommodate up to 5 people. You can choose from bunk beds or dining tables and chairs. You can customize the interior with the style and design of the Timberline as well. You can also choose between air conditioning and heating.

Both the exterior and interior parts are finished with non-toxic and sustainable materials, so you know this is a healthy and safe environment for your family. It is further environmentally safe, so you are not only “green”, but also environmentally friendly. It has a large-sized kitchen and is energy efficient. It is weathered and insulated with wool, so you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter. So far, it is one of the most favorite teardrop campers with bathroom for many.

Little Guy Minimax

Little Guy Minimax

Price: Starting at $24,000.

If you are looking for high-end products but do not need large trailers, the Little Guy Mini Max may be your ideal choice. This model is equipped with large trailer facilities for providing you with a home away from home. Mini Max has the same excellent craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and thoughtful details as the older brother Max. The total dry weight of this is approximately 2,000 pounds. It is the perfect complement to an SUV or large pickup truck, and it is light enough for off-road adventures.

Some of the features of Little Guy Mini Max include: 

  • LED porch lighting
  • 15-inch Kenda premium tires
  • External entertainment system
  • 100% hardwood cabinets
  • Two burner glass stove
  • Air conditioner and heater
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Huge refrigerator
  • Max-sized wet-bath with residential-style shower
  • Large bed, double bed or twin bed available 

You can as well customize the Mini Max and even add other functions. This model is equipped with the most advanced equipment and rustic woodworking craftsmanship. Of course, it is a teardrop camper with a bathroom. The price of Little Guy Mini-Max is lower than Homegrown’s Timberline, which retails for approximately US$24,000 as earlier highlighted. it is one of the best teardrop trailers with a bathroom.

Jayco Hummingbird

Price: Starting at $30,000.

Although not strictly a teardrop travel trailer, we think it is small enough and has a similar style, so it should be included. Jayco Hummingbird is equipped with a suitable bathroom. This new model as well comes with all the standard amenities expected of a modern trailer. Both the interior and exterior are professionally manufactured to provide the best camping experience too. 

The following are some of the features provided by the Jayco Hummingbird:

  • Marine-grade external speakers
  • External propane grill
  • An external TV stand that can be used for cable broadcast
  • 2-burner stove
  • Shower room
  • High-density dining table and cushion chair
  • U-shaped fan
  • Decorative window
Jayco Hummingbird
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You can enjoy the camping experience inside and outside the Jayco teardrop trailer. We also highly recommend this drop camper with bathroom.

KZ Escape Mini Trailer 

KZ Escape Mini Trailer

Price: Starting at $ 27,000. 

KZ’s Escape mini trailer is one of the company’s many models of light teardrop trailers with bathroom. With this trailer, you can choose from 5 different floor plans to create the best camping experience for your family. KZ Escape Mini has standard features and offers many available upgrades too. Thus, you can easily customize its trailer to meet the needs of your family. The following are some of the standard features available in the KZ Escape Mini Trailer: 

  • Cable and Wi-Fi connection
  • Overhead cabinet
  • Shower and toilet
  • Maple cabinets 
  • Double door refrigerator 
  • Microwave
  • Wall-to-wall linoleum

You can as well customize the Escape Mini trailer from any optional feature on its website.

The Happier Camper

teardrop trailers with bathroom

Price: Starting at $13,950. 

Another interesting teardrop trailer with bathroom is the Happier Camper. This trailer provides a combination of both retro and modern, thus even the most demanding explorer can be satisfied. This latest model has ground-breaking flexibility and offers an ultra-light trailer equipped with all the modern facilities expected from a teardrop trailer. This trailer can hold up to five seats and is equipped with adequate storage space. It is also energy efficient and weighs only 1,100 pounds in dry weight. 

Some of the available features of the Happier Camper include:

  • Panoramic blinds
  • 43 square feet of walking area 
  • Solar energy
  • Stainless steel floor drain
  • Five embedded table leg supports
  • Nested side by side storage
  • Dual-air flow ceiling fan
  • One year warranty 

There are diverse models to choose from, each of which provides more space and higher-level equipment. There are also six different configurations to choose from, each of which is aimed at different living areas:

Dining-You and your family can enjoy a larger dining area with a U-shaped fan. Sleeper compartment-you can optimize the camper to accommodate the entire family for a comfortable sleep. (Up to 5 adults).

Study – If you desire to focus on entertainment and leisure areas, you can choose this configuration. King bed-provides more room and comfort than the standard sleeper configuration.

Alternative dining-With this configuration, the kitchen area, is located at the rear of the trailer, emphasizing the rest of the living area. In all, the Happier Camper can be customized to suit your desired style. 

The ICamp Elite

teardrop trailers with bathroom

Price: Starting at $13,950. 

The ICamp Elite is very much similar to the modern teardrop trailer. It is equipped with the amenities we expect today, but still retains the sturdiness and retro style of the original 60s trailer. It is also the smallest trailer with a bathroom. Its compact size can also allow three people to comfortably.

Furthermore, the ICamp has the standard features of other modern teardrop trailers, including:

  • Wardrobe
  • Fiberglass bathroom
  • Porch lights
  • 4-layer laminate floor
  • Aluminum frame laminated structure foam
  • Dining table and chair
  • Glass sliding window with screen
  • High gloss finish vacuum-formed cabinets
  • Three-way refrigerator
  • 6-gallon water heater

The ICamp Elite as well comes with multiple options available to help you enhance your camping experience. You can choose from the following options: Flat-screen TV, LP furnace, DVD video/audio system, Cool Cat 2 in 1 air conditioning, and heat pump unit. You can talk to any ICamp representative or visit them online to build the perfect teardrop trailer with a bathroom.

Why Get A Teardrop Trailer With A Bathroom? 

There are many reasons why people want teardrop trailers with a bathroom. Not only are they highly economical, but they are also fun. They are special products and will never fail to become a mainstream phenomenon. This is the way that true camping enthusiasts love. The teardrop trailer is convenient and has a retro feel, bringing people back to ancient times. Here are some other reasons why teardrop trailers with a bathroom have become popular again:

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Teardrop trailers with bathroom not only reduce the cost of trailers but also are relatively cheap. They are much cheaper than RV as well. The price of an RV is almost as high as the price of a small house or apartment. You can get a teardrop trailer for only $3,000. Of course, the more amenities you want, the more you may have to pay. However, they are cheaper than RVs, but they are also cheaper than expensive weekly holidays! The difference is that the travel and vacation they provide are worth several years instead of 7 days.

Connection with Nature

Teardrop trailers with bathrooms allow you to tour the country without you having to stay in expensive modern hotels. If you desire to get off the grid and stay connected with nature, then a teardrop trailer with a bathroom is ideal. You will have the best of both worlds-you can enjoy the benefits of nature, but you can sleep on a real bed. Do you know the History of The Teardrop Trailer? If not check out this article.


 In contrast to sleeping in a tent or hard cabin, these trailers are quite comfortable. With this, you can get the home-like comfort in a rugged trailer. You can also spend a day hiking and exploring nature, but at the end of the day, you can climb into a comfortable accommodation to rest. You can also get the benefits of a kitchen table, sink, and bathroom. 

Looks Cool 

These teardrop trailers usually possess the cool looks of the 1950s. They also have a good, retro design that is perfect for viewing both from the road and sitting on nearby yard chairs. They are undoubtedly eye-catching when you are driving on American highways too!


Just like their larger counterparts, the teardrop trailer with a bathroom is also very durable. They will provide you with years and even decades of fun and adventure. With a small investment, you can enjoy a lifetime from this pint-sized trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest trailer with a bathroom?

Currently, the Casita Travel Spirit Deluxe Trailer is the smallest trailer with a bathroom. Understandably, it makes sense to look for the smallest trailer with a bathroom. Even if you pack up excessively, the Casita Travel Spirit luxury trailer though small, still has a good bathroom, allowing you to camp easily and safely.

Whether you desire to camp alone or with your family, this camping trailer will bring you the most comfortable camping experience. From the outside, this trailer looks like other camping trailers for two or three people. However, Casita Travel Trailers designed the interior of this Spirit Deluxe Trailer with special attention to details, exquisite interior decoration, and first-class finishes.

This small trailer is also quite powerful. You can also convert the sleeping areas into a dining table to enjoy a good meal and then change the dining space to your desired sleeping space. If you are camping alone or you do not need a large dining space, you can leave the rear dining in the double bed position permanently. For your bathroom needs, this camper trailer further has a spacious bathtub, and shower room-the bathroom is the trailer’s largest area. Don’t worry about humidity or smell, because the trailer has shielded windows and electric fan roof vents.

Why are teardrop trailers so expensive?

Although they look like other small basic campervans, the purchase cost of teardrop trailers can be high. When you start to research the price, you may be shocked at first and finally end up asking this question: “Why are teardrop trailers so expensive?.” 

There are diverse reasons why teardrop trailers are so expensive. Some of these include The high-profit margins of resellers; the high-quality materials used to manufacture them; the number and types of upgrades or amenities included; the size of the unit or the amount of available living space; and the high demand for these cute, vintage, and ‘trendy’ campers.

How much does a new teardrop trailer cost?

Due to its small size, teardrop trailers are among the more affordable RVs you can buy after making up your mind. The prices of new teardrop trailers vary, but many ranges in price from under $20,000 to over $40,000.

Are pop up campers waterproof?

Pop-up campers are waterproof, but many factors can impair their ability to retain their waterproofing capacity. Therefore, the pop-up camper owner needs to take special measures to ensure this waterproofing capacity of the pop-up camper is retained.

What is the lightest travel trailer with a bathroom?

The 15′ cricket camper van is currently the lightest travel teardrop trailers with a bathroom. The camper is compact and sturdy, while perfectly blending with the complex designs of other travel trailers available today. With a bedroom that can accommodate two adults and two children, this NASA inspired travel trailer also has plumbing and electrical systems integrated into it. Thus, this would adequately prepare you for an exciting journey and camping experience.

Is it worth buying a pop-up camper?

Are you hoping to upgrade from your current tent, but not sure if you can afford a large RV? In this case, a pop-up camper may be your best choice. Also, this adequately provides you with a tent-like experience without the need to sleep on the ground, and it is easier to transport and store than traditional RVs.

Does towing a trailer damage car?

If you attempt to tow too much weight, you will damage your vehicle because all cars have the maximum weight that can be safely towed. Exceeding this limit and attempting to carry a trailer that exceeds the recommended value may cause an accident, resulting in damage and extreme wear and tear. In summary, when towing a trailer, your vehicle will work harder due to the excessive weight. At this time, the fluid in the vehicle’s engine and gearbox will heat up, resulting in a pressure cooker-like effect. This will then harden the seal and its metal parts.

Can a Prius pull a teardrop trailer?

Yes. Currently, Toyota provides the Prius with up to 1,598 pounds of towing capacity. Whether you need to drag some larger items into the garbage dump or pull a pop-up campervan or trailer, the Prius can now meet your needs. Prius offers you the option of driving affordable “green” vehicles while allowing you to carry out more heavy transportation. This is the first time that Prius has added towing capacity and towing accessories to a Toyota product in years. Also, anyone can operate the simple indicator-marked towing and wiring system of the Prius.

What car can pull a teardrop trailer?

Many cars can pull teardrop trailers perfectly. For more emphasis, here are some of the best suggestions for vehicles that can get the job done correctly. (Note: Before towing, please be sure to read the operating instructions of your vehicle and follow all the car manufacturers’ recommendations.)


The Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup is among the best cars which can pull a teardrop trailer with a tow rating of 31,200 pounds. To give you a clearer idea of what this means, a Coachmen Brookstone fifth-wheel camper can approach 14,000 pounds empty. The RAM can also handle this and much.

II. FORD F-450

Ford’s F-450 can tow 32,500 pounds with a gooseneck trailer, but this is the kind that is usually used to pull heavy equipment. For towing traditional camping five-wheel trailers, the F-450 and Ford F-350 trailers are rated at 27,500 pounds. Ford also uses its superior technology to make towing easier. For example, the rear camera can help guide the driver during the hitching process. Also, another camera can be installed on the rear of the trailer itself.


The Nissan Titan XD is an alternative to domestic brand pickup trucks and offers the highest trailer rating of any foreign automaker: 12,314 pounds. Nissan also offers many towing assistance technologies, including a rear-view camera with a trailer guide and a system that permits the driver to check the trailer’s lights without leaving the Titan’s cabin.


This is a good example of cars that can pull a teardrop trailer because this three-row crossover SUV has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Santa Fe’s additional advantage comes from its driver assistance technology. With the use of available technologies such as standard rear-view cameras and adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, multi-view camera systems, and automatic emergency braking, Santa Fe has also received an overall five-star safety from many people.

Article Summary

In conclusion, whether you are looking for comfort or adventure, you can find the perfect teardrop trailers with a bathroom. Gone are the days when you must and where to go to the bathroom outdoors. Fortunately, today’s teardrop trailers are equipped with bathrooms, a significant improvement over the 1950s and 60s models. Also, you indeed want to offer what is best for yourself and your family. Thus, if you only want to get from one park to another, you can choose a sturdy and durable trailer that provides a simple and clean place to eat, sleep, and hang out. On the other hand, if you desire more luxury and are interested in “camping”, you can choose one of the higher-end teardrop trailers equipped with a bathroom and entertainment systems.

Furthermore, all the teardrop trailers described above have bathrooms- something the regular mini trailer can’t provide. In some of these models, you can also set up over five beds, which means that the entire family can participate in your wild adventure. Hope you like the 6 picks of teardrop trailers with bathroom on our article. Let us know your thoughts.

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