15 Hammock Camping Tips for Beginners – Ultimate Expert’s Guide 2020

tips of hammock camping for beginners

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Last Updated on May 30, 2020 by Michael J. Branco

Close your eyes and envision the ideal camping excursion. Hammock camping is exciting and fun. In this article, I will give a few tips about hammock camping for beginners.

What picture comes to mind? It is likely a tent tucked off from the solitude of your favorite camping place surrounded by family and friends.

Like many folks, I climbed up tent camping. As an adult, my tent stayed among my best camping essentials if I am auto camping with my loved ones or going on a yearlong trip.

Lately, but I found that an all-new approach to go camping with a hammock.

Hammock camping has dramatically altered the way that I spend some time outside. Though I will still deliver my tent occasion, I sleep in my hammock that the vast bulk of this moment.

It seems a little out there, does not it? You are probably wondering how anybody can find a fantastic night’s sleep in a hammock, let alone remain hot, warm, and also bug-free. Well, I am going to demonstrate the way you can do it.

Raise your Outdoor Experience with the best Hammock Camping

Nothing compares to softly falling asleep because you lie under a blanket of twinkling stars.

In case you’re on the lookout for techniques to boost your camping checklist, there are no more excellent means to do so than using a camping hammock!

For you, outdoor fans camping in Ontario and Quebec trying to try out something fresh, bringing in a hammock on the next outing may be precisely the enjoyable new adventure you’re searching for.

Hammock camping is convenient, valuable, and straightforward. It is possible to pitch your hammock nearly everywhere and put up or put up into a flash. Beds provide an excellent night’s sleep. Odds are, as soon as you try camping using a hammock, you won’t wish to return to the tent!

In case you’re hoping to change it up and take a stab at something new, at that point, dump the tent and get a lounger! Regardless of whether you’re only beginning with lounger outdoors or are a prepared professional, you’re sure to discover something valuable in our accommodating aide.

Things to Carry

As you’re not packing a tent, you will probably have a little more space for a couple of essentials clothes to wear camping and then a number.

You will find a few somewhat helpful accessories you will want to pack to make your hammock camping experience as enjoyable and fun as possible.

You may not go wrong with choosing a fantastic amount of rope. 

  • Rope packs small and is not difficult to continue but has numerous applications in a campsite. 
  • Take a good mosquito tent. It will protect you from insects and might also include an excess degree of privacy. 
  • Carry a pillow and blanket or sleeping bag to protect yourself. Getting off the floor means you will get more expensive than being within a tent. In case the temperature is colder, then look at bringing a cushioned hammock mat or a hammock duvet for additional insulation. 

The ridgeline is a string that runs between each finish of the lounger. Occasionally your hammock will probably include this pre-installed, along with other hammocks that will likely require a single attached. 

  • You’ll require a ridgeline to hang on out a bug internet or tarp.
  • Carabineers and suspension connectors also referred to as tree-hugger straps, which are precisely what you will use to hang the hammock around the trees. 

You might also utilize a hammock dividers with this. 

  • Hammock tarps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are great for reasonable weather, and many others provide more excellent protection against the elements in each of four seasons. 
  • A flashlight lantern can allow you to see at night if you wish to browse, play cards, or even will need to have a stroll into the outhouse. 
tips of hammock camping for beginners

Strategies for simple Setup

Among the most significant benefits of camping using a hammock would be a fast and effortless installation. However, there are nevertheless a few strategies for choosing the ideal place and ensuring that your bed at night is installed correctly.


You might choose to try a clinic run setting up your hammock in your home before you have got to buy it correctly while camping. Adhere to a hammock hanging manual, and think about watching incremental how-to videos on the internet to understand how to hang a hammock.

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Pick a Decent Location

If you get into a campsite, do a website check and explore your place for at which the trees are. You’re on the lookout for a fantastic place for the hammock, so await color, sun, and also the open ground below.

You require sturdy trees, which can help keep your weight. Do not utilize saplings or dead trees; those will probably break under any type of pressure, however light you may be.

The perfect shrub is thick enough that you cannot fully wrap your hands across your back.

You should also take the time to test for dead branches farther up. 

If winds pick up, a powerful gust can cause you to break away and fall on your comfy hammock.

 Ideally, you need your hammock to hang on out a foot and a half above the floor. As a guideline, do not hang your hammock some greater than you are prepared to fall!

In the most, your hammock may hang feet over the floor, but that is pushing it. Aim for someplace between 18 and 36 inches, and you will probably be comfy.

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Make sure to install until it’s dark! Searching for all of your gear and tie your knots in the dark isn’t fun. It is a whole lot more pleasing to prepare sweet and early in the daytime so that you may relax as soon as you’re exhausted, and the sun goes down.


As a bonus, the straps help shield tree bark from harm. When utilizing tree straps, then be sure that they’re in a much height on the two trees.

You should also ensure that your suspension has sufficient slack and can be in a 30-degree angle from the floor point to the anchor (tree spade ). This will prevent an excessive amount of strain that could otherwise produce the hammock educated and simple to flip over. 

This angle may also avoid putting an excessive amount of pressure on the suspension out of your weight once you put in.

When hung in a 30-degree angle, so your hammock is going to have a deep sag along with a lower center of gravity, which will allow it to be easy to get in and from, and also comfier to sleep inside.

There are lots of means to hang your hammock, though, if with straps, rope, or hanging gear, therefore opt for the installation that is ideal for you.

Canvas Installation

If there is a possibility of rain, then you are going to want to prepare a hammock tarp too.  

You do not wish to break the tarp in your hammock suspension because it is going to proceed with all the hammock when you move. Instead, this is going to keep you covered and protected in the rain once you put in and out from the hammock.

You’re able to use a bead tarp for minimum protection, or even a four-season tarp with doorway flaps to help keep you additional shielded from the elements.

Best Sleeping Position for hammock Camping

Typical slip-up individuals make when setting up their lounger that can prompt an awkward night’s rest is hanging their lounger too firmly. The more tightly your lounger is fastened, the straighter and complement your rest will be. 


If you enter your hammock, your body weight will pull off the hammock tighter as well as the sides will probably cocoon about you. A tight hammock can compress your shoulders and may even raise the odds of harm to a hammock along with the trees it is tied on.

Therefore the largest tip to get a cozy sleep in your hammock would always be to keep it loose! Offer your hammock a bit idle.

Sleep Obliquely

You are likely to wind up sleeping a 30-degree diagonal, maybe not parallel to a hammock, and also the excess slack will distribute as you put down.

This angled angle will distribute your body weight, preventing any stress points. Your neck and head will stay marginally elevated. With the majority of your weight in the middle of the hammock in which the bed is you’re tightest, you feel appropriate to support with no worry about drifting.

As soon as you’ve mastered this sleep posture, you will have the ability to sleep on the side or back. You may throw and turn as far as you enjoy as camping hammocks have been made for stability and will not turn over in the middle of the night.

Sleeping in a hammock offers maximum comfort for the human entire body and spine.  

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Hide the Food

Remember that rope you packaged? You can use it to hoist up your food in a bag from the trees. You would like to ensure animals cannot get your meals, so you are going to want to conceal it from reach. Just be sure it is not hanging in almost any trees close to you.

When you’ve got a car parked near, consider keeping your meals in the vehicle. It may give you additional peace of mind knowing how your meals are well-hidden and protected. Otherwise, you may cook your favorite camping recipes in the campsite.

Properly dispose of the trash. Leftover food packaging and scraps may lure undesirable visitors to a campsite.

Benefits of Hammock Camping

As soon as you’ve wrapped your mind around looking outside hammock camping, you are going to start to see the numerous benefits it brings into your outdoor adventure.


One of the chief benefits of camping using a hammock would be you’ll have the ability to pack much milder, which is particularly perfect if you’re going to be hiking to your home or portaging a canoe.

Hammock camping is milder since you don’t have to pack a tent or even a tight air camping mattress will need are the hammock, bug web, rainfly, and suspension straps, and which pack up beautiful and small. Hammocks are also a good deal cheaper in comparison to tents, and that does not enjoy saving money on equipment!

Simple Setup

Installation and pack-up are a cinch using a hammock. No longer tent poles and stakes from the floor, simply wrap tree suspension and straps on trees and dangling your hammock.

Having a hammock, you will not need to worry again about locating the ideal, flat place to put your tent. You will not need to be worried about finding a clearing that is also apparent of germs or about placing your tent from potential rain runoff.

All you will need is a place between two trees!

Short Setting footmark

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you probably enjoy nature and therefore are aware of your effects on the environment as you’re enjoying the outside.

Another upside into hammock camping is that you can have much less of a footprint over the campsite since you’ll sleep suspended on your hammock, rather than squeezing the terrain beneath you beneath a tent.

Enhanced Sleep and Camping Knowledge

People today are inclined to fall asleep quicker than hammocks and also have a deeper, more comfortable sleep. And sleeping in hammocks is also great for all those who have sore joints and spine pain as it alleviates strain on the human entire body.

So rather than waking up at a popular tent onto half-deflated aviation or the hard floor, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed using a cool breeze along with a magnificent view of the character.

This is most likely the best benefit whatsoever. You will have to enjoy the excellent outdoors, and you will not be restricted to four walls of a tent as you’re sleeping.

It is possible to float up in the stars and wake up to the sunrise while still feeling secure and protected against the elements.

Things you have to Keep in Mind While Purchasing your First Hammock

Ever since sleeping frozen in the atmosphere is not something everyone is used to, you wish to ensure your first hammock is more comfortable, so you truly feel safe sleeping inside.

The perfect camping hammock is both lightweight and made by a quick-drying substance like nylon. It is powerful enough to support your weight, and it is also big enough to pay you in a cocoon-like wrapping when you are sleeping.

They don’t have spreader bars, which will add weight and also are inclined to be bulky, consuming too much room in your camping tote.

Spreader-bar hammocks are also not perfect for sleeping in since they are inclined to be educated and flip quickly. They won’t wrap you into a cozy cocoon, and they won’t ease the strain from the spine like comfy camping hammocks.

Pick a protective rainfly that’s at least eight by 10 feet; therefore that it is going to offer adequate protection and protection against the elements.

For protection against mosquitoes and other insects, you are going to need a mosquito mesh for hammocks. You might also go for an all-purpose mosquito net hammock, which combines the cozy bed using a web. Hammock camping using mosquito nets is essential for the most fabulous comfy experience.

Ultimately, remember the suspension and also tree-hugger straps. 

These can make hammock installation a lot simpler and be more comfortable on the trees you are hanging out from. Many hammock kits incorporate everyone these components, but otherwise, you may readily buy these accessories from the trusted hammock shop.

You will receive closer to nature and also possess a cozy sleep beneath the stars.

Last Words

Hammock camping is one of my preferred ways to have the wonderful outdoors. I like the openness and freedom that the hammock provides. It seems as though you are right in character. Think about you? Which exactly are your ideas and adventures on hammock camping? 

What’s your pick to the ideal camping hammock? Any hints I forgot to say? And don’t be scared to ask me any other information/opinions around the most useful hammocks and accessories that I recorded previously!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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