Different Types of Kayaks – Everything You Need to Know

types of kayaks

Kayak has gained popularity in recent times owing to its wide appeal as an environmentally friendly and healthier system of transportation, in addition to its relatively low price tag of entry when compared with motorized boats. The types of kayaks have ample rocker for fast turns. Usually, this boat is more difficult to roll than another. Because of the middle line made by the base of the curve, displacement-hull boats have a keel and have a tendency to track easier.

Are you searching in the market for purchasing a kayak? Regardless of whether you enjoy water sports or outdoor activities, kayaking is an incredible method to enjoy both. While there is a wide range of ways you can use a kayak, on the sea, waterways, lakes, and white water, this makes the buying procedure appear to be extraordinarily diverse. The kayak advertises is amazingly different, offering plenty of alternatives for adventurists and outdoorsy people to look over. Before you start your hunt to get one, it’s crucial to understand the various types of kayaks that are perfect for you. On the off chance that you don’t get the correct one, it won’t work perfectly in the open situation and might be unfavorable.

What a lot of purchasers don’t understand is that kayaks are produced for specifically planned uses. As there are a lot of different types of kayaks in the market. Understandings the types of kayaks that are best used for specific types of water or exercises will help you in finding the best one for you. In this article, we are mentioning 17 types of kayaks below, read it carefully.

Overview of Different Types of Kayaks

Kayaks can be saved in little spaces and launched quickly. Kayaks can likewise be classified by their design and the materials from which they’re made. Distinct kayaks are made to handle specific ailments. Sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for beginners or novice anglers. Recreational kayaks are a breeze to use and maneuver in the water. By way of example, wooden kayaks can be made from kits or built by hand. Plastic whitewater kayaks may be used in citizen-level races.

In all honesty, you will have fun kayaking. Kayaks are boats which take quite a few forms, based on the function for which they’re designed. Your fishing kayak should be constructed specially for angling. Longer kayaks frequently have another hatch for stowing gear. You will receive enough of that when you purchase your very first freestyle kayak.

When paddling, you use your own ability to get where you would like to go. But if you fail to choose the right kayak paddle your kayaking experience would be spoiled. So buying the right kayak paddle is crucial. The secret to boat control is the capability to lift or dip the boat’s edges utilizing hula-dancer-like movements. In reality, learning how to kayak in a modern playboat can promote decent body control and raise your comprehension of river dynamics. Kayak wheels and trailers can be purchased to help in the transportation of kayaks. Tips have a tendency to be stubby to assist in preventing vertical pins. The removable throw bag can be readily accessed in a crisis. Tandems may be used by two or even three paddlers. In-game fish, you might prefer the additional maneuverability and speed of lengthier types of kayaks. 

Among the lures of kayaking, generally speaking, is sitting so near the water. Competitions for playboating or freestyle are from time to time referred to as whitewater rodeo in the United States, but more frequently just known as freestyle events in UK and Europe. 

types of whitewater kayaks

Right Way of Choosing your Kayaks

Generally, a kayak lets you in the direction to arrive at beautiful beachside campgrounds, in silence to see the sights of an estuary, get pleasure from the breathtaking sights that can’t be seen from shore, just get in a morning work more or less beside the lake otherwise just amuse yourself in the water with the kids.

Like other product, it is also very confusing to choose the right types of kayaks, as there are many types of kayaks in the market, how you will know which one is best for you? So we have featured a few bullet points below for you to choose the right one very easily. Focus on a few key ideas:

  • The very first thing before you purchase a kayak is where you are going to paddle it. Whether it is on the river or lake or seacoast and many more. Because there are plenty of kayaks available for different places.
  • The second thing is whether you will use “sit-in or sit-on-top”. Do you prefer toward the security of a traditional sit, or the openness of a sit-on-top? In case you’re available to it is possible that one, that is fine, as well.
  • The height, weight, and budget are directly connected with your price. Materials will straightly impact the kayak price which is the major factor in the weight and stability of the boat.
  • Consider the shape and size as it affects the handling and cargo space of your kayaks.
kayak types explained

Now it is time for you to learn about different types of kayaks before you set your mind to purchase one. Here are the most 20 popular kayaks:

20 Most Popular Types of Kayaks

Sit on or Sit in kayaks

There is a difference between these two types of kayaks. One of the major differences in the sit-on kayaks (with a sealed hull) or sits in where the paddler’s lower body is inside the hull of the kayak).


In sit-in kayaks, your legs will be enclosed inside the cockpit at the time of paddling. For stopping the water coming from the lake or wherever you are boating, a spray skirt is attached inside the kayak. Sit-in kayaks are specifically designed to stay you out from the wind by keeping your legs dry, thus sits-ins are traditionally used when you on cold water.

The downside of a sit-in kayak is that on the off chance that you do happen to invert, leaving and returning your kayak is significantly more of a challenge than it is with a sit-on structure. Figuring out how to exit and return a sit-in kayak underwater requires a couple of exercises with an instructor. Also, with the space in the hull flooded, should bail out your kayak or paddle it to shore to drain it before you can carry on with.

types of kayaks for beginners

Sits-On top kayaks

A sit on top kayak is like as it sounds. These kayaks basically have no cockpit. The paddler sits down on a plastic formed seat and stretches their legs down the front of the boat. Everything is uncovered in this circumstance, offering you an opportunity to get a nice tan while you’re at it. A case of this kind of kayak is the Aruba Journey 12.

They sit on top kayak is the most regularly used boat out of the whole kayak family. Much the same as the creek boat, this vessel is anything but difficult to move and extraordinarily fast. In the event that you ever rent a kayak from a rental shop, these are the boats you are probably going to get. They are increasingly moderate and simpler for amateurs to use.

In the event that you are planning going white water rowing, kayaks surfing, or on an advanced course, this vessel isn’t for you! They sit on top kayak makes an incredible fishing kayak or for touring, and cruising.

recreational kayak

Recreational Kayaks

In the event that you see yourself using your kayak for free time trips, are another paddler or plan to take photographs on a calm lake or river, a recreational kayak is a wise decision. These kayaks are steady and designed to be flexible and simple to use.

touring kayaks

Touring Kayaks

If you think you are brave and have the dare for something more adventurous like trips on rougher waters or out in the sea, touring kayaks are the best choice for you. In that case, consider searching for a touring kayak. To lessen your effort we have a buyer guide on the best touring kayak of 2020. They are worked to go in a straight line and on the grounds that they are typically more, they are regularly ready to weather rougher water. They are designed for long trips and regularly offer more comfort alternatives, for example, overhauled seats, footpegs and more storage.

sit on top kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks 

On the off chance that you don’t have a huge extra room at home, you can decide to purchase an inflatable kayak, which folds up completely and can be effectively transported. Some fold up sufficiently too much little to fit into your pack. They are genuinely durable, typically made of multiple layers of plastic and texture. They likewise can generally be patched and repaired.

day touring kayak

Fishing Kayaks

There are many types of kayaks made only for fishing that come with exceptional storage compartments. A few models are structured with worked in bar holders, fishing supply bags and other additional capacity includes that a fisherman would require. One major advantage of fishing kayaks is that they are made to be progressively steady so you can stand upon them to cast, or improve take a better look into the water and underneath the surface. Various recreational kayaks can work for fishing as well, simply look at the highlights to affirm they will suit your fishing needs.

Check out the best fishing kayak under $1000

Check out the best fishing kayak under $600

different types of kayaks

Tandem kayaks

You should be thinking about what is a tandem kayak? want to do kayaking. Why kayak alone? Bring a companion and don’t stress over staying aware of someone else’s rowing. A pair of the best tandem fishing kayak has seats for more than one individual. It will likewise give you more space on the off chance that you need to bring along a kid or a furry friend.

types of kayak

Modular Kayaks

In the event that transportation is an issue, another choice would be a modular kayak. These kayaks come apart for capacity and transportation. They can likewise prove to be useful in the event that you need to have the option to use your kayak as a single or couple, rather than purchasing different kayaks, you can purchase an additional piece and grow the kayak, similar to a leaf on a dining table.

With the entirety of the various options available, ensure you pick the best sort of kayak that matches your way of life for a cheerful experience on the water.

kayak styles

Sea Kayaks

A variation of the touring kayak, the sea kayak has a higher rocker (the bend from bow to harsh) that helps its peak to approach waves. It additionally has a limited, V-formed front profile. This design makes them ready to manage with rougher waters, yet to the expense of stability.

The sea kayak is simple to control, track straighter and is more averse to be swamped by waves than a standard touring kayak. This makes it particularly designed for journeys on coastal waters. At Present-day, sea kayaks are designed to carry a lot of equipment. For instance, undertakings of about fourteen days or more, in environments extending from the tropics to the Arctic, can be taken in sea kayaks.

kayak types

Creek Boats

Creek boats are what you could think about the average kayak. It is commonly used by everybody, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert kayaker. Truth be told, the creek boat is explicitly designed for quicker and faster turns, making it perfect for waterways and creeks, yet it very well may be rowed anyplace.

A creek boat is a high-volume kayak, with an equal volume around the cockpit. The structure of this boat guarantees that the boat will be more averse to submerge and regardless of whether it does, it will resurface immediately. You will find that these boats have stubby or slightly adjusted tips, and edges along the base that controls the vessel on difficult turns.

If you are looking for an adaptable kayak, the creek boat is the best approach. While the creek boat isn’t the longest kayak in the family, it surely isn’t as little as playboats.

kayaks types

White Water Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks go from 4 to 10 feet long and are specifically designed to move rapidly down quick flowing rocky courses. They are regularly made of hard-wearing rot molded plastics.

Like most extreme games, whitewater kayaking is an equal part of exhilaration and risk. The surge originates from effectively exploring rapids, rocks, cascades, and even underground rivers. Any hazard can be relieved by purchasing the right kayak for the run you need to make, ensuring you know your cutoff points, and being properly prepared.

different kinds of kayaks

Downriver Boats

This one of a kind kayak is very versatile, with an ideal mix of the playboat and the creek boat. This boat falls directly between high-volume and low-volume, offering paddlers a controlled cruise down a waterway just like some basic play features. The downriver boat has pointy tips that are made to shed water, allowing you to have comfort and control during your rowing. Out of the considerable number of kayaks available, this one is longer than most, which means it can move along a lot quicker on a straight course.

On the off chance that you are looking for a kayak down a big lake, river, or the bay, the down riverboat is your best choice. It is perfect for the beginners and the individuals who like to kayak long-distance since this vessel will travel a lot quicker in an increasingly controlled way. The downriver boat will give you such an incredible experience and have the option to see under the water.

type of kayak

Play Boats

Play boats are the shortest whitewater kayaks. They have a scooped bow and blunt stern, making play boats exceptionally flexible and powerful. By using the speed picked up by going through rapids, these playboats are used to perform specialized tricks in a game known as rodeo boating.

These playboats are profoundly coordinated and their structures are resistant to harm. They excel at navigating steep, rocky waters that have fast-flowing water.

types of kayaks explained

Flooding kayaks

In view of the skin-on-outline boats used by the Inuit and Greenlandic societies, the innovation behind folding kayaks has seen significant advances as of late. New materials allow full-length touring boats to be packed into a little bag. They are sufficiently light to be conveyed without any difficulty. This makes them the perfect solution for capacity and transportation issues related to longer, non-foldable touring kayaks.

Folding kayaks are exceptional in their capacity to overlap down into a compact bundle. They are lightweight and permit those without significant storage space to access kayaking.

different styles of kayaks

Surf kayaks

Surf kayaks join the best parts of surfing and kayaking, letting you take on the heavy surf from the comfort of your kayak. Surf skis can be up to 21 feet in length and 16 to 20 inches wide. They use their limited front profile to cut or punch through huge, broken waves. The wave ski, a variation of the surf ski, is used to exploit wave swell, like a surfboard. Wave skis include a wide, level structure that is frequently less than 10 feet in length. Surf kayaks come as both sit-in and sit-on models.

Surf skis are a specific design of the kayak and are incredible at what they do, letting the paddler combine the exhilaration of surfing and kayaking.

type of kayaks

Crossover Kayaks

​Crossover kayaks spread the gap between one style of the kayak and another, for example, recreational and whitewater, permitting the ‘yakker to handle various conditions without changing boats. You can’t unit kayaks that are totally different, similar to a touring kayak and a wave ski, so most crossover kayaks depend on a recreational kayak hull joined with features from more specific designs, similar to pole holders for fishing or a planing hull for running whitewater.

kinds of kayaks

Day Touring Kayaks

Day touring kayaks are perfect for beginners looking to take expanded kayaking journey and build up their aptitudes before moving to a touring or ocean kayak. These kayaks join the dependability and convenience of a recreational model yet with more noteworthy control in rougher waters. They offer more extra storage than recreational structures yet keep up the more considerable, simple to-get to the cockpit. Over this, because of them being shorter than a genuine touring kayak, they are simpler to stow and transport.

flat water kayaking

Diving Kayaks

These kayaks have been trending in 1990 in California, and are a fashionable option for using the powered boat to arrive at the diving hotspots. While there are no particularly manufactured diving kayaks, ‘Kayaks that are reasonable for use in jumping are described by their wide and stable pillar and big storage areas. You can choose either the sit-in or sit-on type since diving kayaks come as the two kinds.

types of kayak and their uses

Sail Kayaks

While still unique, the use of a sail on a kayak has been around for more than 150 years. As opposed to a specifically designed sailing kayak, a kayak sail is an accessory that can be joined to practically any kayak, intensifying its speed and diminishing the strain on the paddler. It very well may be added to both demonstration sit-in or sit-on type of kayak.

A kayak sail can altogether add to a paddler’s capacity to cross large stretches of water in minimal time. It diminishes the physical strain on the kayaker and is perfect for those focusing on kayak visiting.

kayak different types

SUP Hybrid kayaks

SUP, or stand-up-paddle boarding, is a paddle sport that has developed altogether in popularity as of late. As this mirrors the development in the prevalence of kayaking, it’s nothing unexpected that there was a requirement that the two games should be combined. A SUP Kayak Hybrid holds every one of the highlights of a stand-up-paddleboard with the expansion of a sit and double-ended kayak paddle. By adding kayak components to a SUP, the crossover enables the paddler to rest when bringing longer adventures or sits down to paddle in rougher conditions.

kayak different kind


Day by day the popularity of kayaking continues to enriching more individuals are enjoying the range of activities that you can enjoy in a kayak. The most important trick is to understand the contrasts between the many kayak types available, so you discover one that coordinates with your preferred activity.

In case you’re looking to spend quite a long time out on the water, maybe enjoying the natural views and the excellence of a waterway or lake, you’ll need a touring kayak for a long term and storage space for supplies. In any case, in the event that you need the adrenaline rush of running whitewater rapids, at that point it’s a tough, flexible playboat for you. Want to put in a couple of calm hours fishing? A fishing kayak will let you pedal with your feet, to keep your hands free and concentrate on your catch.

When you’ve discovered your ideal kayak, you’re well on your approach to making some extraordinary memories on the water.

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